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Maciej Duraj

Maciej Duraj

Content Writer

I enjoy gaming, traveling, exploring new places and learning new things. I have lived on two different continents and plan on continuing to explore new places in the world. Once in a while, I read historical novels as well.


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The long-awaited Import from Word feature is here

We are excited to announce that a new feature called Import from Word users have been clamoring for is available now as a premium CKEditor 5 plugin and REST API service. The feature allows for converting any number of Word documents into HTML and editing them later with CKEditor. If your users rely on Microsoft Word handling large amounts of documents within their applications this should be a perfect fit for your business needs

CKBox in the foreground. With a brand new file management platform you can store your files, change their parameters and much more.

CKBox - a brand new file management platform now available

We are excited to announce a brand new product called CKBox which has been designed with love for end-users. It’s a modern SaaS file management platform with a beautiful interface, responsive images and top-notch UX. It supports a wide range of digital assets and can be easily integrated with CKEditor 5 or run independently.

A woman is reading a book. On the right there is an editor with collaboration feature

A starter guide to collaboration - CKEditor 5

CKEditor 5 is the next-generation rich text editor with WYSIWYG methodology at its core that can be implemented within web-based software. One of the things it was designed for and that makes it stand out on the market is collaboration.

GitHub writer

GitHub Writer now available with Mermaid support

GitHub has recently introduced Mermaid support. Mermaid is a flowchart and visualization tool that is similar to Markdown. CKSource meanwhile has introduced it to its GitHub Writer platform, which is a rich text editor within GitHub and based on CKEditor 5.

Man looking on the charts

Basic overview of creating flowcharts using Mermaid

Mermaid is now available on GitHub and is a flowchart and visualization tool that was inspired by the Markdown language. Users can create a variety of chart types and insert them into the text fields of GitHub. These text fields or places where these charts can be inserted include wikis, documentation, pull requests and more. In this guide we show you the various options of creating a flowchart using this language.

CKEditor 5 - comparing Revision History with Track Changes

Track Changes and Revision History are premium CKEditor 5 plugins and features that share both similarities and differences. Here, we compare the two features and analyze what makes them similar, what makes them different, and what sort of workflow they are best suited for.

Boxes connected to the document

How blockchain-based writing platforms are shaping the future of written content

Blockchain has been known to be a game changer in digital transactions due to its functionality as a digital ledger and ties to cryptocurrency. However, it is also being utilized across new platforms designed for writers or that have writing as their core functionality. We talk about some of these use cases and also how CKEditor 5 can fit into this role for future blockchain development. This article focuses on writing platforms using blockchain in a way that are already available today, but the potential is immense.

Microsoft Word vs CKEditor 5 Track Changes Compared

How does CKEditor 5’s Track Changes feature stand up to Microsoft Word? Read on to find out. We compare and analyze the differences between the two rich text editors and how they handle this task. Being able to apply changes, see who made them and revert the changes back is what this feature is all about.

Document version control for any software

Document version control for any software - CKEditor 5 Revision History

Control different versions of your document, stay on top of your progress or collaborate with other users efficiently – all thanks to the upcoming CKEditor 5 Revision History feature. This feature allows you to create, view and restore your content versions and brings the full Google Docs-like experience to CKEditor 5 along with Collaboration Features.

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