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guidePasting Content from Microsoft Excel

This feature was introduced in CKEditor 4.7. It is provided through the Paste from Word plugin that is included in the Standard and Full presets available from the official CKEditor 4 Download site. You can also add it to your custom build with online builder.

The Paste from Word plugin allows you to also paste content from Microsoft Excel and maintain original content structure and formatting. As of CKEditor 4.7 some more advanced Excel features are not supported yet and will be added in future CKEditor 4 releases.

When the plugin is enabled, it automatically detects Excel content and transforms its structure and formatting to clean HTML. It also adds the Paste from Word toolbar button (Paste from Word toolbar button) which makes it possible to paste clipboard data this way only on demand.

# Supported Features

The following formatting will be reatained when pasting from Microsoft Excel:

  • Text formatting
    • Text and background colors
    • Font name, style and size
    • Basic formatting (bold, italic, underline)
    • Font effects (strikethrough, superscript, subscript)
    • Heading levels
    • Text alignment
  • Cell formatting (size, background, borders, special characters)
  • Row and column size

# Sample

The following sample content from a Microsoft Excel document:

Sample Excel document

will look like below after pasting to CKEditor 4 with the Paste from Word plugin enabled:

Excel content pasted into CKEditor

# Paste from Excel Demo

See the working “Pasting content from Microsoft Excel” sample that showcases the using the Paste from Word plugin to paste Excel content.

Refer to the following resources for more information about pasting content as well as support for tabular data: