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Basic Package

basic package

Minimal toolbar.
For quick input fields.
17 Plugins


Standard PackageMost popular

standard package

Standards-compliant toolbar.
Covers most editing needs
for semantic-driven websites.
48 Plugins


Full Package

full package

A heavier preset
with a multiline toolbar.
72 Plugins



custom package

Build your own version
in 3 easy steps.

Online Builder

CKEditor CDN

CKEditor CDN comes with SSL support and provides over 50 edge locations on 6 continents around the world.

CKEditor 4 - previous versions

Remember: the latest CKEditor is always the greatest CKEditor!

CKEditor Nightly Build

Contains the "master" branch of CKEditor ready for release.

CKEditor 4 is an Open Source application.

All downloads are fully functional and subject to relevant open source license
agreements or commercial license agreements (whichever is applicable).

Read the license conditions

Download Accessibility Checker

Accessibility Checker is a CKEditor 4 add-on. The recommended way to install it is by using CKEditor 4 online builder.

This add-on is available under an Open Source 
 or commercial license.

Read the license conditions

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