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guideToolbar Location

CKEditor 4 allows you to customize the editor toolbar location. By default, in classic, iframe-based editors the toolbar is placed in the top part of the editor UI, above the editing area.

You can, however, use the CKEDITOR.config.toolbarLocation configuration setting to change this option. For the default editor implementation you can choose between the top (the default) and the bottom setting.

For example, to put the toolbar at the bottom of the interface, use the following option:

config.toolbarLocation = 'bottom';

To receive the result such as this:

Please note that this option is only applicable to classic editor. In case of inline editor the toolbar position is set dynamically depending on the position of the editable element on the screen.

# Toolbar Location Demo

See the working “Toolbar Location Adjustment” sample that showcases how to place the editor toolbar at the bottom of its interface.

Refer to the following resources for more information about the editor toolbar: