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guideUsing Placeholders

This feature is provided through an optional plugin that is not included in the CKEditor 4 presets available from the Download site and needs to be added to your custom build with online builder.

The optional Placeholder plugin allows you to create and modify read-only elements that are only editable through the Placeholder Properties dialog window. This feature is useful in all sorts of templates and texts that are repeated in numerous places whose format should not be modified.

Since version 4.3 placeholders are inserted as inline widgets, so they have all advantages of widgets, i.e. you can treat the entire placeholder as one entity and select, delete, or move it with drag and drop in the editor content area as one unit.

# Customization Options

Please note that the default placeholder implementation might easily be extended. You could, for example, customize the dialog window to show a drop-down list with pre-defined options that can be selected to fill the placeholder.

# Placeholder Demo

See the working “Using Placeholders” sample that showcases a possible use for the Placeholder plugin in automatic replies sent from a Customer Support system.

Content Templates let you pre-define CKEditor 4 content, including document layout, text formatting, and styles.