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guideEnter Key Configuration

When CKEditor 4 is integrated in some environments you may want to configure the default behavior of the Enter and Shift+Enter keys to generate matching output. This is possible thanks to CKEDITOR.config.enterMode and CKEDITOR.config.shiftEnterMode, respectively.

Both configuration settings can use one of the following options:

Changing the Enter Mode setting to BR or DIV is not recommended. The default CKEDITOR.ENTER_P mode is fully supported by all editor features and plugins and is also the most correct one in terms of best practices for creating web content.

If you want to change it to control paragraph spacing, you should use stylesheets instead. Edit the contents.css file and set up a suitable margin value for <p> elements, for example:

p { margin: 0; }

# Enter Key Configuration Demo

See the working “Enter Key Configuration” sample that showcases the effects of using different settings for Enter and Shift+Enter keys on editor output.