Best project management tools - tips on how to succeed

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# Best project management tools - tips on how to succeed

Project management tools have taken the world of task management by storm, and the number of such solutions is skyrocketing. They cover various areas and aspects of the workflow and may be found across virtually all industries. Undeniably, many of these tools are useful solutions that make the lives of millions of entrepreneurs, employees, contractors, and freelancers easier and, somewhat, better.

There are thousands of startups out there who try to succeed in this niche, too, as it is a very lucrative and promising one. The project management software market grows rapidly - iit is to increase from $5.37 billion in 2020 to $9.81 billion by 2026. The prospects are excellent, but there’s not enough space for everybody. The truth is that, according to Geneca, even 75% of software development projects run by business and IT teams end up failing.

Obviously, there is no single recipe for success but there are some steps any PM tool provider can take to increase the chances of it - and they will be listed in this article. One of them is certainly using stable, reliable components that have been tried and tested - to reduce uncertainty and the risk level. And the engine that propels the development of new collaborative project management solutions is CKEditor 5, which allows users to create rich and dynamic text.

# 1. The importance of best project management software

Digital transformation occurring at an unprecedented scale calls for efficient online solutions and powerful project management software undoubtedly belongs to this group. It plays a pivotal role in digitalization, however, the online work management area per se is a very demanding one. Organizations of all sorts can benefit greatly from utilizing a good project management platform or project management app, but many business owners or project managers are still unaware of its importance. The statistics in this regard are truly puzzling.

According to Project Management Institute, high-performing organizations successfully complete as much as 89% of their projects, compared to 36% in the case of low performers. Also, over half (56%) of companies are dissatisfied with the current level of project management maturity in their organizations, Wellingtone’s survey showed. Indeed, there are reasons to be worried as a staggering 70% of all projects fail. Luckily, with the project management process implemented, this percentage can be reduced to only 20% or below.

These statistics indicate that a good collaborative project management system - or a project planner software helping to make the workflow run smoothly, with project progress being tracked - may simply be crucial. And technology-related tools, as well as effective communication strategies, are some of the main prerequisites for making a project successful.

# 2. Best project management tools - tips on how to succeed

Of course, project management tools that are to make clients’ tasks successful can fail, too. But how to increase their chances for success when competition is so fierce? Certainly, there is no one clear recipe for success. However, some tips are worth considering to increase the likelihood of accomplishing it.

# Address real needs and solve real problems

First of all, a good project management tool should address and meet the users’ actual needs. And this usually means the needs of whole teams who are to use the software and not necessarily the needs of managers who often decide to choose and buy a particular solution for themselves. For this reason, creators of such project plan software should focus on gathering relevant information and doing extensive research to make sure that their end product is aligned with market trends and not just with their visions.

# Use the time that you have wisely, and provide resource management

Product leaders and managers should do thorough research at the very beginning of their work on the project management software not to waste money and other resources along the way. It’s good to remember that many technology startups, including those working on project management tools, fail to succeed because they are running out of time and cash. Other major obstacles include incorrect business plans and project timelines, bad market timing, poor management, as well as misunderstandings among the project team.

# Develop customizable, intuitive solutions

Another problem is that the end product may be too basic and not as powerful as those of competitors, but it may also come with too many functionalities and dozens of unnecessary features. What it should offer instead, is customizability and an intuitive UI, so that users don’t feel lost in getting what they need fast. This would also decrease the time and cost to learn the new tool by the team as well as the risk that excessive complexity will make employees give up the idea of ever using or making the most of it.

# Go the extra mile on the way to perfection

To increase chances for success, the end product should be close to perfection in every single way - with stable, reliable, well-thought components topping the list. One of the modules that the majority of PM tools’ users need daily on their jobs, is a powerful rich text editor. It is one of the most vital elements of a modern application, but at the same time - one of the most overlooked ones.

And while a rich text editor may not be the first thing you think of when choosing a project management tool, it is, still, a very important one. Why is it good to implement it within an online project management tool? Well, using it may simply help users avoid readability, formatting, or printing issues that may occur when trying to work on documents written or saved in HTML, plain text, or TXT files.

# Enhance your tool with a powerful rich text editor

Also, a rich text editor may enable collaboration over documents with many contributors, often in a real-time mode. And this can enhance the quality of content created collaboratively, making it not only styled and written better but also more comprehensive and informative. This way, visually appealing and customizable rich text documents can be created faster. They can be easily adapted to users’ needs - as they can format their content any way they want using such modern collaboration tools for teams. And they can learn how to do it smoothly as rich text editors are very intuitive to use.

# 3. They made it with the help of CKEditor 5

Among hundreds of project or task management tools out there, there are some that have made it with a bang. Their leaders threaded carefully and reasonably and knew what was important at the initial stage of running a business of that kind. One of the steps they made was implementing CKEditor’s rich-text solutions and enabling them within the newly-created products. This earned such cutting-edge companies a significant competitive edge as well as end users’ gratitude.

# Plutio

Some of the beneficiaries in this group were millions of freelancers running self-led enterprises. CKEditor 5’s feature-rich WYSIWYG editor has helped make Plutio, a project management tool, a fully-fledged solution. It was meant for managing invoices, proposals, and other documents, as well as robust massaging between collaborators.

Anywhere users can type is where CKEditor 5 can be found, including within the Plutio messenger that was written and implemented with CKSource’s renowned solution. CKEditor 5’s advantage over other rich-text editors was its flexibility and thoroughness, which enhanced the Plutio platform with powerful features such as checklists, dark mode, and placeholder text.

Plutio project management tool with CKEditor 5 customized to their users’ needs (toolbar displayed on the left side of the editor)
Plutio project management tool with CKEditor 5 customized to their users’ needs (toolbar displayed on the left side of the editor)

# Kanbanize

Another impressive example of how CKEditor makes project management software flourish is Kanbanize. This effective management platform comes with a dedicated Kanban board where a team can have multiple workflows - depending on their use cases and needs. The main purpose of using this tool is to align the planning of big projects with day-to-day execution, preventing big and small teams from being overburdened, and helping set clear priorities.

The main challenge that the company had to face was that users needed a simple and easy-to-use text editor to format the text inside their Kanbanize work items and make it look like it was written using a dedicated text-editing application. What tipped the scales in the case of CKEditor 5 was its immaculate code and documentation and the company’s managers simply didn’t even look for other options.

# Placement

Project management may not only concern entrepreneurs or employees, but also job seekers. And that’s where Placement comes to play, guiding job seekers from beginning to end of the “landing a job” project. This is all thanks to robust CKEditor 5 with Comments in asynchronous mode. It is a crucial component there, in use in a few important functionalities. First, it enhances communication between in-house hiring experts and platform users, thus enabling comments to be sent back and forth regarding cover letters, resumes, and other forms of correspondence.

Furthermore, CKEditor facilitates Placement’s native chat function and task manager that helps users keep track of job search-related goals. Placement users got all these project management features out-of-the-box when using CKEditor, and they like the integrated nature of the platform a lot, as it offers many collaborative editing features at hand. That made them use this project task management tool ready to kickstart projects from the get-go.

If you, too, want to enhance your project management solution with CKEditor 5’s powerful features, don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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