How CKEditor saves Blooksy’s writers 120+ hours a year by making writing more collaborative.

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Publishing and writing


Atlanta, USA (Global)

Anthony Joiner

When it comes to organizing their manuscripts, our writers are able to save approximately 10 hours per month.

Anthony Joiner

CEO, Blooksy


10+ hours

saved per month on content creation

90% faster

collaborative production process

Minimal development/build time for a collaboration-first editor

Real-time collaboration for writers and editors

Code customisations to suit requirements

Faster launch lead time

The challenge

Converting an old-school publishing process to collaborative teamwork

Blooksy is a cloud-based platform where authors write, edit and manage the publication of their books. Company founder and CEO, Anthony Joiner, started Blooksy to demystify the publishing process for academic and creative writers.

Instead of authors writing drafts in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and emailing different versions to editors, Anthony aimed to create a single place for researching, drafting and editing manuscripts in a more collaborative way. It also needed to allow editors and authors to make comments and changes on the same document in real time. And Anthony wanted Blooksy to provide document templates designed to suit a standard manuscript, along with speech-to-text transcription, AI research assistance and more.

To achieve all these goals, Blooksy needed a rich text editor that was designed for collaboration, to serve as the backbone of its writing platform.

Blooksy required a rich text editor with:

  • Purpose-built features for real-time collaboration
  • Comments, track changes and version history
  • Custom predefined document templates
  • Advanced code customization

After researching the options, Anthony found that CKEditor 5 was the only WYSIWYG editor that delivered all Blooksy’s feature requirements for collaboration.

Ultimately, we opted for CKEditor 5 due to its superior flexibility. We’re willing to invest in tools that align with our needs, and we’re able to customize the code to meet our specific requirements

The solution

A collaboration-first rich text editor

The integration of CKEditor 5 gives the Blooksy platform all the powerful asynchronous and real-time collaboration features that writers and editors need. Thanks to the inclusion of Premium CKEditor plugins like Track Changes, Comments and Revision History, Blooksy helps its writers streamline the complicated, multi-step writing process.

Using CKEditor’s advanced code customization options, Blooksy builds custom document templates perfectly suited to book publishing – including front matter and print margins – so writers know their manuscripts are properly formatted. This kind of specialization and flexibility is only possible with CKEditor 5.

What we provided

WYSIWYG editor purpose-built for collaboration

Comments plugin (Premium)

Track Changes plugin (Premium)

Revision History plugin (Premium)

Commercial license

The result

Each writer saves 10+ hours per month

Using CKEditor’s collaboration features saves Blooksy’s writers at least 10 hours of extra work every month – eliminating hours of scrolling through edits on copies of the same document.

“Instead of everybody having their own version of a document, they can work on the same one and have a consistent experience,” says Anthony. “CKEditor 5 makes it easy because everybody can use the exact same version every time.”

And the writers aren’t the only ones who are happy with the results. Using CKEditor saved Blooksy the time and development cost of building and maintaining their own rich text editor. Anthony loves CKEditor’s reliability and says “When you make it easier for us, it makes it easier for our clients.”

One of our clients told us it used to take them approximately 13 weeks to complete their work. After adopting Blooksy with CKEditor, they reduced the timeline from 13 weeks to just 10 days


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