Import from Word

Quickly import any amount of Word documents to CKEditor 5 or other editors

Import from Word is a new premium plugin, allowing for converting any number of DOCX documents into HTML, and editing them later with CKEditor. Fully unique - unavailable in any other rich text editor in the market.

The best in-class and battle-tested

  • Supports Comments and Track Changes features with text suggestions (formatting suggestions coming soon)
  • Verified on thousands of real documents gathered over the last 15+ years
  • Preserves 99% of the Word styling
  • Fully compatible with CKEditor 5

High-performer with top quality HTML

  • Supports DOCX (Word) and DOTX (Word Template) file formats
  • Unlike most popular converters, produces high quality semantic HTML from the not-so-perfect DOCX structure
  • Converting large documents in less than a second
  • Document migration can be entirely done on the backend thanks to REST API

Customizable to your needs

You may choose to preserve full Word styling or just the content semantics

All Word styles preserved

For users who need to edit Word documents in a browser and would like to preserve as much styling as possible. Allows for an editing experience similar to Microsoft Word.

Content semantics only

For users who would like to preserve content semantics (e.g. text highlights) but at the same time continue using styling consistent with their corporate style guide (e.g. font size and family).

Tons of features, including collaboration

Track Changes

Preserves suggestions related to text insertions and deletions


All comments applied in the Word doc will be preserved

Styling and formatting

Including bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, font size, font family

Headings and paragraph

Including indentation, text alignment, background color, borders styling


Including embedded and external images, alt text, image dimensions, hyperlink


Preserving ordered as well as unordered lists.


Including nested tables, cell merging, background colors, table alignment, floating tables

Word styles

Compatible with advanced Word styles applied via Styles Pane


Apply links in the Word document and have them unchanged after importing.

Available with CKEditor 5 or as REST API

Fully compatible with CKEditor 5

The dedicated CKEditor 5 plugin allows for converting HTML to DOCX with a simple click of a toolbar button, preserving advanced features like Track Changes and many more.

Available as REST API

The REST API lets you automatically convert DOCX documents to HTML on your backend server. Simple integration allows you to move your entire database from Word to HTML.

Import or Paste - which solution
suits you better?

Import from Word

  • Allows for converting large documents into HTML that can be easily imported to CKEditor 5 and other tools
  • Operates directly on XML which includes more information about the document and Word instance settings
  • Available as CKEditor 5 plugin and REST API for a direct server <-> server conversion
  • Available both as a SaaS service and as an on-premises solution
  • Suitable for migration of the whole database of Word documents to HTML via REST API service
  • Perfect solution for more advanced documents that should be edited or displayed in the browser
  • Supports collaboration features like Track Changes and Comments out of the box

Paste from Word

  • Suitable for small documents and for use cases in which only parts of the document are selected and copied
  • Relies on OS Clipboard HTML, which limits the number of features that can be supported
  • Preserves the original DOCX formatting that was selected and copied by hand
  • Simple, intuitive, but can’t be used to automate migration process of many Word documents via REST API

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