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Choose versioning options
Access your document history options in the editor toolbar. Revision History can be implemented in your existing CKEditor 5 build along with Collaboration Features like Track Changes.
Create a new version
See existing versions
Save a new version and check the existing document version history with options available on the Revision History menu.
Name the version
Save the version or cancel
Create and save a new version of the document by naming it without leaving the editor view. Version captions can be re-edited in the version preview.
Return to the editor
Change count
Change navigation
Change highlights
View the number of changes in the selected version and navigate between changes with options available on version preview toolbar. Changes made in the selected version are highlighted.
Selected revision
Revision options
Selected version is highlighted with blue. Click on options for a version other than the selected to compare all the changes made between these two versions.
Content removal
Removal suggestion
Content addition
Addition suggestion
Additions, removals, suggestions to add and remove content are highlighted with different colors and styles. Versions that are being compared are highlighted with a light blue color.
Revert changes (toolbar)
Revert changes
Use version options to restore a previous version and revert all the changes made after that version.

What is Revision History?

Revision History allows CKEditor 5 users to create and view the chronological version history of their content.

  • Create and name versions by bundling changes together in a save cycle.
  • View the chronological version history of your content in version preview mode.
  • Restore an earlier version of your document to easily reverse any changes.
  • Compare selected versions to each other and easily view changes between.

Version preview mode allows for easy viewing of content development over time. In preview mode you can track:

  • Edits like insertions and deletions, including merges and splits.
  • Suggested changes made with the Track Changes feature.
  • Total number of changes made.
  • Upcoming Real-time collaborative changes.

Bring more efficiency to your rich text editor

Having access to version control right in a WYSIWYG rich text editor allows authors to create content and manage versioning more efficiently.


Choose to create versions automatically by configuring automatic save cycles, or on demand by saving the content manually.


Further customization of the revision history feature as well as the editor makes it the perfect fit for your application’s requirements.


When Revision history is combined with CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features, your application achieves a Google Docs-like writing experience.

Perfect for:

  • Individuals who would like to version their content progress and need easy version comparison and restoration.
  • Handling elaborate documents such as legal contracts, policies or clinical trial reports, whether a document has one author or multiple.
  • Managing large documents with multiple authors and reviewers, or with numerous control phases.
Revision history options

Track Changes and Revision History

Revision History can also be used when multiple authors collaborate on content. It works perfectly with CKEditor 5’s track changes feature. Both features help you control and organize the progress of your content, but in their own unique ways:

Revision history

Revision History

  • Add changes in the editor, which are then tracked and compared in different versions in the preview mode.
  • Control all the changes made to the content, including track changes suggestions.
  • Track which users made what changes or suggestions.
  • Multiple content versions with ability to create, name, compare and restore versions.
  • Can be used standalone or together with our track changes feature.
Track Changes

Track Changes

  • Add changes in suggestion mode, which are then tracked directly within content.
  • Control suggestions made to the content by accepting, rejecting, or replying to them.
  • Track who suggested what changes and comment on suggestions.
  • Single content version, no ability to create or restore versions.
  • Can be used standalone or together with Comments and Revision History.

Interested in Revision History? Get in touch and let us know about your needs.

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