CKBox demo

CKBox will make working with your files easier while providing a great user experience.

Welcome to the CKEditor 5 + CKBox

Uncover the power of CKEditor 5 combined with CKBox, offering unparalleled ease in image management, editing, and file storage.

Seamless Image Insertion

  • Open CKBox: Start by clicking the first toolbar button to open CKBox Browse files, your portal to an extensive image library.
  • Choose and Insert Images: Browse through CKBox to pick the perfect image. Hit the "Choose" button to insert it directly into your CKEditor content.
  • Drag & Drop Uploading: For a faster approach, drag and drop images right into CKEditor for immediate uploading.

Advanced Image Editing Capabilities

  • Editing: Select an image, and then edit (icon). Resize, crop, and rotate directly from the editor, ensuring perfect placement every time.
  • Customizable Styles: Apply various presets to format your image according to social media standards.

Efficient File Storage and Management

File Storage: Store your files in the CKBox, and then link them in the editor, see the examples below:

We want to make CKBox better!

Let us know what features that you need are still missing in CKBox.

Want to learn more about CKBox?

Administration panel

CKBox comes with an administration panel that is not showcased in this demo.

CKBox integration

Learn how to configure CKBox and integrate it with your application.

CKBox theming

Several CSS variables allow you to control the color palette of the whole application.

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