Productivity Pack

An exclusive bundle of Premium plugins for CKEditor power
users and document editors.

Test out all the features included in the Productivity Pack. You can find Table of Contents, Format Painter and Templates in the toolbar and Document Outline in the left sidebar. Don’t forget to type / to display the Slash Commands dropdown!

  • This is just an example implementation with a small subset of available CKEditor features. The way the editor looks, how the document outline is displayed, and which features are enabled – it’s all up to you.

  • This demo uses Document UI, if you wish to try out different user interfaces, you can check out other demos.

Check the source code for this demo.

Explore the Premium plugins in
the Productivity Pack

Slash Commands

Command the editor using keyboard shortcuts.

By using the slash “/” key a drop down appears, with block elements like tables and images listed, plus settings for your heading styles. Can be customized to define your own commands and styles.


Keep your document structure consistent.

Devs can define templates in the back-end, for users to pick and use. Both full templates (that structure the entire content or document) and partial templates (structuring part of the content) are possible.

Paste from Office Enhanced

Error free copy-pasting from MS Word and Excel.

Say goodbye to frustrating copy-pastes: Formatted text, complex tables, media and even layouts are retained, while the MS Office format tags are removed – generating clean HTML.

Format Painter

Copy, paint and replicate formatting anywhere in your document.

Pick the exact formatting you’d like to paint into your document, while continuous painting makes the process even smoother and easier.

Case Change

Transform text case effortlessly.

Toggle text between UPPERCASE, lowercase and Title Case with a single click.

Table of Contents

Insert a linked contents table at the beginning of your document.

Create and view the document structure, which updates automatically when you modify your document headings. Unlike the Document Outline summary, the Table of Contents is integrated into your content and remains visible even after publishing.

Document Outline

Detect, list and show text headings in a sidebar.

The outline summarizes your content headings, allowing easy navigation through the document's structure. Configure the outline placement as a sidebar or in any custom location of your choice.

How to get the exclusive Productivity Pack of Premium features

The Productivity Pack is included in our commercial license. If you have an active CKEditor license, please contact your Account Manager to check your eligibility. Some legacy licenses are not eligible for the exclusive Productivity Pack even if they’re active.

Frequently asked questions

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The Productivity Pack of Premium plugins is available exclusively with a CKEditor commercial license. It is not available to purchase (either in whole or part) separately. If you want to integrate any of the features included in the Productivity Pack, please contact our Sales team for a custom commercial license.

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If you have an existing CKEditor commercial license, please contact your Account Manager to check your eligibility for the Productivity Pack.

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