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Export to PDF and Word

Create document content and easily save it as a PDF or Word file

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Convert your content to the two most popular document formats

export to pdf
Craft your content in the editor

Craft your content in the editor.

Click to generate a PDF or a Word file

Click to generate a PDF or a Word file.

Download and print out

Download and print out.

Don’t worry about the styles. The exported file will look the same as the original content.

Tailored suit

Tailored to your needs

Both export features are available either as SaaS or an on-premises solution and can be integrated in two ways:

As a plugin for CKEditor, so your end-users can generate PDF or Word documents in your editor.
As a REST service to convert HTML to PDF or Word documents using the API (e.g. to create PDF or Word files from content saved in the database).

Export to PDF

  • Set the document’s header and footer.
  • Insert page breaks, embed images and use any font you like.
  • Ready-to-use with CKEditor 5 and CKEditor 4 as a premium plugin.
export to pdf
export to word

Export to Word

  • Suggestions and comments displayed also in the exported file.
  • Support for page breaks and embedding images.
  • Ready-to-use with  CKEditor 5  as a premium plugin.

Would you like to use the Export to Word feature with CKEditor 4?  Contact us.

CKEditor 5 docs


A premium plugin available optionally with both export features.

  • Displays page numbers and simplifies navigation between pages thanks to the dedicated toolbar.
  • Allows to see the positions of page breaks after the document is exported to PDF or Word.
  • Respects page breaks inserted by the user with the page break feature.
  • Helps users better structure their content in the editor.
CKEditor 5 docs

Interested in using export features with CKEditor?

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