How different industries make use of CKEditor. Part 2: Legal & advisory sectors, manufacturing & retail industry, governmental institutions

CKEditor in the foreground with highlighted Track changes option

CKEditor is a versatile tool that is successfully used by over 30,000 clients operating in a variety of industries and environments. Their great number and huge diversity are impressive and - only to some extent - reflected in the enthusiastic testimonials provided by satisfied customers within case studies that describe particular use cases. Some of the industries and businesses that find CKEditor very useful are healthcare, banking, insurance, accounting & real estate sectors that we wrote about in the first part of our overview.

Now, let’s shed light on other interesting industries and areas that benefit greatly from utilizing CKEditor. In the second part of our overview, we’ll focus on businesses and specializations such as legal & advisory sectors, manufacturing and retail industry, governmental institutions and state administration, as well as market research. We’ll also mention briefly how CKEditor can enhance the flow of internal documents within any organization.

Every company signs and manages various contracts at various points in time, with banks and financial institutions topping the list. And before any contract takes its final shape, numerous parties involved can make hundreds of edits. But how to tackle this mess? How to avoid delays in negotiations when nobody knows what the final version is and who’s made particular edits? Well, a good option for everyone creating and signing a contract is using a collaborative editing tool within a single application - and certainly not sending emails back and forth and working on standard Word-like documents. CKEditor 5 with the Revision History plugin is the answer to many possible problems, misunderstandings, or delays that might occur along the way.

As for legal and advisory corporations that make sure everything is fine when concluding deals, they use CKEditor 5 to work efficiently on smart contracts, analyses, and recommendations, to name but a few major use cases. Co-authoring important documents is one way new hires in these demanding areas of expertise can become quickly familiar with the established practices. Examples of companies providing such legal or advisory services with the help of CKEditor include Agreemint and Spotlight Analyst Relations.

The Agreemint tool offers contract management services and is perfect for legal and sales teams, including startups and more mature companies who deliberate on crafting and closing B2B contracts. Enhanced by CKEditor 5, Agreemint simply speeds up contract negotiation. Bottlenecks, delays, as well as redundant costs, get eliminated thanks to this customized solution, enriched with the Comments and Track Changes features. That’s because everything is clear from day one regarding the importance, authorship, and the sequence of particular edits, to name but a few vital issues.

CKEditor 5 helping Agreemint craft big deals smoothly.
CKEditor 5 helping Agreemint craft big deals smoothly.

Thanks to CKEditor’s advanced features, Agreemint’s contract lifecycle management solution offers various interesting content-related options. For instance, it allows users to set permissions for editing contract drafts, as well as protect sections to prevent unwanted changes to optimized clauses. And the Track Changes feature lets users not just edit, but rank the importance and sensitivity of particular edits as well.

CKEditor 5 also enhances the performance of Spotlight Analyst Relations - a platform meant for connecting digital agencies and technology vendors with influential analysts who diagnose current challenges and make recommendations for clients. CKEditor 5 with real-time collaboration features provides technology that lets Spotlight expand its business, boost productivity, improve client relations and save a lot of time.

Now, they don’t have to align content from multiple sources (such as Word, Excel, Asana, and Evernote) but make use of a single, powerful, complete, highly-effective solution - CKEditor 5. No other external tools like Google Docs are needed, nor is constant copying/pasting from one document to another - with certainty that no information was lost on the way. Thanks to versatile features provided by CKEditor 5 Spotlight’s analysts can keep track of all their activities and plans within every collaborative document they work on.

# Internal documents

With content creation and management tools like CKEditor, various types of internal documents can also be easily rewritten, corrected, or updated. They can be modified by the current team members but also over time, whenever needed. Company governance policy documents, codes of ethics, and other types of internal documents can be reshaped and revamped smoothly whenever circumstances change, a new person gets hired, etc.

Document circulation, as well as the workflow in general, gets accelerated this way, and every company can benefit from it one way or another, keeping employees more satisfied and saving a lot of time, effort, and other resources in the long run. One of the reasons for it is that comments a particular person gave, are being stored within a given document indefinitely. This means that all future team members can refer to the remarks of their colleagues at any time and that any vital comment or suggestion doesn’t get lost in a mailbox but is always available for future reference.

# Market research

And the same goes for the market research industry - where information has to flow smoothly e.g. when planning and executing ad campaigns. That is where CKEditor 5 with collaboration features can be equally useful. A great example here is Maru Group, which uses CKSource’s rich text editor to power the “Collab” real-time collaborative document writing facility. It enables research teams’ live collaboration on things like briefs, survey designs, release notes, as well as reports - resulting in better-finished projects overall.

CKEditor 5 enhancing Maru’s document writing facility with live collaboration.
CKEditor 5 enhancing Maru’s document writing facility with live collaboration.

# Manufacturing and retail - procurement reports

There are many kinds of documents in manufacturing and retail industries - containing text, tables, and graphics - valuable data can be put into for future reference and further analyses. These are called procurement reports and they may cover areas such as spending (e.g. by category or supplier), regional sales, cost savings, supply level and related risks, supplier contracts, accounts payable, and many more.

Procurement data is a huge set of information that can be analyzed in a variety of ways, and procurement reports and other data-driven documents created may provide insights that truly are game-changing for understanding a company’s standing in the marketplace and business environments. Thanks to CKEditor 5, these priceless pieces of information can be gathered together in a single document - without the need to use any external applications.

Procurement departments or other parties involved may take notes within CKEditor on everything that requires further observation or scrutiny. This way, their employees may monitor issues such as direct consumer feedback, internal customer relations, potential threats related to costs, the performance of different suppliers, own procuring routine’s effectiveness, and everything else that can make a difference in succeeding with a manufacturing or retail business - in a safe and user-friendly environment.

# Governmental institutions and state administration

Governmental institutions and state administration handle and process a huge amount of data - concerning public health, social security, vehicle registration, voter registration, and law enforcement (police, courts, and corrections), as well as surveillance, national security, and border control, to name but a few common types and areas. CKEditor can also come in handy in this regard, providing modern tools that make dealing with data way more efficient and convenient for public administration employees.

Because many contributors work on a document before it reaches the final version, tracking changes is also vital here. The data needs to be stored right so that it can be edited seamlessly but also retrieved fast and easily for future reference, research, scrutiny, corrections, amendments, approvals, etc. - also across departments or whole institutions. In such circumstances, using a powerful, feature-rich text editor - instead of sending documents back and forth via email or shipping them via courier - can be a lifesaver, indeed.

What also can be created with CKEditor onboard are digital budgeting plans and budget books. That is the case of ClearGov, which provides cloud-based budget and performance management built for local US-based governments. And in order to comply with regulations and constraints that need to be taken into consideration, like ADA compliance regarding accessible design, ClearGov alongside CKEditor is there for the task.

The company didn’t want a basic but a fully-fledged, flexible rich text editor, allowing for good formatting and integration into ClearGov’s ecosystem of software or CMS. Interestingly, one of the key components that CKEditor offers and ClearGov values is the Accessibility Checker, meant for producing content that is available to everyone, including people with various types of disabilities.

Thanks to ClearGov’s solutions enhanced by CKEditor, local governments gained a digital way to show budget books - as websites, instead of long PDF files that users would have to weed through. The bottom line is that finance departments buy ClearGov software gladly, saving a lot of time, and local governments use it for productivity improvement. In addition, data in reports can be presented in a modern, digestible, and accessible way, available to millions of citizens.

So it’s not only about swifter, safer, and trackable administrative data entering, processing, and analyzing but also about civil servants’ everyday comfort, and, of course, their greater efficiency.

Using CKEditor 5 simply increases these qualities immensely and thus helps governmental institutions make use of the benefits of modernity and digitalization that usually can be enjoyed by the private sector employees. With CKEditor 5, all disadvantages connected with paper file production and storage disappear. On top of that, the lives of citizens - both communities and inhabitants - may be improved, also in terms of public health, as a result of easier access to the administrative data as well as analyses, surveys, or comparisons that can be made faster.

If you, too, want to grow and explore new business opportunities with CKEditor, contact us now.

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