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guideThe “Chameleon” Feature

One nice feature of CKEditor 4 is its flexibility to easily match a website color scheme by simply setting the CKEDITOR.config.uiColor configuration option. While the Barbie site would set it to #F59FC6, Ninja Turtles would prefer #B1CC3D.

The core editor API controls the input of the preferred color, but it is the skin job to tell it how to change the color. This is because the skin itself defines where and how to use colors.

For that purpose, the function must be defined in the skin.js file. Please check the Moono-Lisa skin files for full details.

Note that adopting this feature is totally optional. A skin developer may decide to have a fixed color and not give the skin users any possibility to change it. This approach is not recommended, but if it is used, it is enough to set the property to null in the skin.js file: = null;

Or, for compatibility with older versions of CKEditor 4 (prior to 4.4.7), set it to a function that returns an empty string: = function() {
    return '';