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guideAdvanced Installation Concepts

This section presents some more advanced installation tasks that you may want to perform. It is meant for all developers who installed CKEditor 4 and want to upgrade to the latest version or customize their build by adding new plugins or changing a skin. You can also learn where to get CKEditor 4 source code and how to create a custom production-ready build. Last but not least, see how to manually specify the editor path if for some reason you need to rename the ckeditor.js file and learn how to install CKEditor 4 using package managers such as npm, Bower or Composer.

See these topics if you want to learn more:

  1. Installing Components – Read this if you want to add new CKEditor 4 functionality or change the editor looks.

  2. Upgrading – Keep your CKEditor installation up to date! You will find the instructions for upgrading from CKEditor 4, CKEditor 3 and FCKeditor 2 here.

  3. Building CKEditor – Information about CKEditor 4 source code and the build process.

    • Getting Source Code – How to get CKEditor 4 source code for development or test purposes.
    • Building from Source – How to build CKEditor 4 from source code to create a custom production-ready package.
  4. Using Package Managers – How to install CKEditor 4 with npm, Bower, Composer and NuGet.

  5. Specifying the Editor Path – What to do if you cannot use the original ckeditor.js file name.