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guideContributing to CKEditor 4

This section explains how you can contribute to CKEditor 4 development. CKEditor 4 is an Open Source product that is free for anyone to download, use, and customize. It has an amazing community around it that supports it in all possible ways. If you would like to contribute to its development, you can consider the following actions:

  1. Report bugs or feature requests through the CKEditor GitHub repository.

  2. Fork CKEditor 4 at GitHub, fix bugs or propose new functionality by using pull requests.

  3. Create your own plugins or skins and submit them to CKEditor Add-Ons Repository.

  4. Help localize CKEditor into your native language and update existing localizations by joining us at the CKEditor UI Translation Center.

  5. Join StackOverflow and share your knowledge with fellow CKEditor users and developers.

Your help will be much appreciated!

# Resources

The following resources might be helpful if you decide to contribute to CKEditor development:

  1. Contributing Code – Read how to propose code changes and patches for core CKEditor files.

  2. Reporting Issues – Learn how to check if the issue you are experiencing is a genuine CKEditor bug.

  3. Issues Tracker Site – See how our bug tracker works and what should be included in a proper bug report.

  4. Code Documentation Standards – Information about CKEditor source code documentation.

  5. Testing Environment and Writing Tests – Information about installing and running CKEditor testing environment and introduction to writing CKEditor tests.