CKEditor 4.0.3

Fixed Issues:

  • #10196: Fixed context menus not opening with keyboard shortcuts when Autogrow is enabled.
  • #10212: [IE7-10] Undo command throws errors after multiple switches between Source and WYSIWYG view.
  • #10219: [Inline editor] Error thrown after calling editor.destroy().

New Features:

  • #9829: Advanced Content Filter - data and features activation based on editor configuration.

    Brand new data filtering system that works in 2 modes:

    • Based on loaded features (toolbar items, plugins) - the data will be filtered according to what the editor in its current configuration can handle.
    • Based on config.allowedContent rules - the data will be filtered and the editor features (toolbar items, commands, keystrokes) will be enabled if they are allowed.

    See the datafiltering.html sample, guides and CKEDITOR.filter API documentation.

  • #9387: Reintroduced Shared Spaces - the ability to display toolbar and bottom editor space in selected locations and to share them by different editor instances.

  • #9907: Added the contentPreview event for preview data manipulation.

  • #9713: Introduced the Source Dialog plugin that brings raw HTML editing for inline editor instances.

  • Included in #9829: Introduced new events, toHtml and toDataFormat, allowing for better integration with data processing.

  • #9981: Added ability to filter htmlParser.fragment, htmlParser.element etc. by many htmlParser.filters before writing structure to an HTML string.

  • Included in #10103:

  • #9796: Introduced <s> as a default tag for strikethrough, which replaces obsolete <strike> in HTML5.

CKEditor 4.0.2

Fixed Issues:

  • #9779: Fixed overriding CKEDITOR.getUrl() with CKEDITOR_GETURL.
  • #9772: Custom buttons in the dialog window footer have different look and size (Moono, Kama skins).
  • #9029: Custom styles added with the stylesSet.add() are displayed in the wrong order.
  • #9887: Disable Magic Line when editor.readOnly is set.
  • #9882: Fixed empty document title on editor.getData() if set via the Document Properties dialog window.
  • #9773: Fixed rendering problems with selection fields in the Kama skin.
  • #9851: The selectionChange event is not fired when mouse selection ended outside editable.
  • #9903: [Inline editor] Bad positioning of floating space with page horizontal scroll.
  • #9872: editor.checkDirty() returns true when called onload. Removed the obsolete editor.mayBeDirty flag.
  • #9893: [IE] Fixed broken toolbar when editing mixed direction content in Quirks mode.
  • #9845: Fixed TAB navigation in the Link dialog window when the Anchor option is used and no anchors are available.
  • #9883: Maximizing was making the entire page editable with divarea-based editors.
  • #9940: [Firefox] Navigating back to a page with the editor was making the entire page editable.
  • #9966: Fixed: Unable to type square brackets with French keyboard layout. Changed Magic Line keystrokes.
  • #9507: [Firefox] Selection is moved before editable position when the editor is focused for the first time.
  • #9947: [WebKit] Editor overflows parent container in some edge cases.
  • #10105: Fixed: Broken sourcearea view when an RTL language is set.
  • #10123: [WebKit] Fixed: Several dialog windows have broken layout since the latest WebKit release.
  • #10152: Fixed: Invalid ARIA property used on menu items.


Security update: Added protection against possible path disclosure through error message in PHP sample.


Fixed Issues:

  • Security update: Added protection against XSS attack and possible path disclosure in the PHP sample.
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