Solid real-time collaborative editing

Create a document together with other users in real time, without any technical limitations. Simultaneously edit the same word that another user is styling or transforming into a list. CKEditor 5 will cover all edge cases and ensure the best user experience.

Built-in features for a truly synchronous editing

Real-time caret position and text selection – See what your collaborators are currently doing in the document.

Users presence list – See who is currently connected to the same document.

Complete, ready-to-use solution

Unlike many other editors, CKEditor 5 is more than just “real-time collaboration ready”. It comes with everything you need to make your software a truly collaborative application.

The collaboration server required to propagate real-time collaboration changes is available as a Cloud Service (SaaS) and as an on-premises solution to install on your own servers.

These features are available in real-time, too:

Track changes

Control your content creation process better. Track, suggest, approve or reject changes.


Add inline comments to the document. Discuss and collaborate with your peers.

Would you like to have real-time collaboration in your project?

Contact us for a 30-day free trial or with any questions you might have.

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