CKEditor 4.0.1

Fixed Issues:

  • #9655: Support for IE Quirks Mode in the new Moono skin.
  • Accessibility issues (mainly in inline editor): #9364, #9368, #9369, #9370, #9541, #9543, #9841, #9844.
  • Magic Line plugin:
    • #9481: Added accessibility support for Magic Line.
    • #9509: Added Magic Line support for forms.
    • #9573: Magic Line does not disappear on mouseout in a specific case.
  • #9754: [WebKit] Cutting & pasting simple unformatted text generates an inline wrapper in WebKit browsers.
  • #9456: [Chrome] Properly paste bullet list style from MS Word.
  • #9699, #9758: Improved selection locking when selecting by dragging.
  • Context menu:
    • #9712: Opening the context menu destroys editor focus.
    • #9366: Context menu should be displayed over the floating toolbar.
    • #9706: Context menu generates a JavaScript error in inline mode when the editor is attached to a header element.
  • #9800: Hide float panel when resizing the window.
  • #9721: Padding in content of div-based editor puts the editing area under the bottom UI space.
  • #9528: Host page box-sizing style should not influence the editor UI elements.
  • #9503: Form Elements plugin adds context menu listeners only on supported input types. Added support for tel, email, search and url input types.
  • #9769: Improved floating toolbar positioning in a narrow window.
  • #9875: Table dialog window does not populate width correctly.
  • #8675: Deleting cells in a nested table removes the outer table cell.
  • #9815: Cannot edit dialog window fields in an editor initialized in the jQuery UI modal dialog.
  • #8888: CKEditor dialog windows do not show completely in a small window.
  • #9360: [Inline editor] Blocks shown for a <div> element stay permanently even after the user exits editing the <div>.
  • #9531: [Firefox & Inline editor] Toolbar is lost when closing the Format drop-down list by clicking its button.
  • #9553: Table width incorrectly set when the border-width style is specified.
  • #9594: Cannot tab past CKEditor when it is in read-only mode.
  • #9658: [IE9] Justify not working on selected images.
  • #9686: Added missing contents styles for <pre> elements.
  • #9709: Paste from Word should not depend on configuration from other styles.
  • #9726: Removed Color Dialog plugin dependency from Table Tools.
  • #9765: Toolbar Collapse command documented incorrectly in the Accessibility Instructions dialog window.
  • #9771: [WebKit & Opera] Fixed scrolling issues when pasting.
  • #9787: [IE9] onChange is not fired for checkboxes in dialogs.
  • #9842: [Firefox 17] When opening a toolbar menu for the first time and pressing the Down Arrow key, focus goes to the next toolbar button instead of the menu options.
  • #9847: Elements Path should not be initialized in the inline editor.
  • #9853: editor.addRemoveFormatFilter() is exposed before it really works.
  • #8893: Value of the pasteFromWordCleanupFile configuration option is now taken from the instance configuration.
  • #9693: Removed "Live Preview" checkbox from UI color picker.

CKEditor 3.6.6

Fixed issues:

  • #9866 : [IE10] The full toolbar is displayed in two lines in RTL environment.
  • #9483 : [IE10] Fixed script error on float panel opening.
  • #6410 : SCAYT will show no suggestions when appropriate, instead of not appearing.
  • #7533, #9439 : Fixed SCAYT issues with setData().
  • #9167 : Improper HTML transformations happening on specific cases.
  • #9553 : Properly handle dash values in the style field of dialogs.
  • #9787 : [IE9] onChange wasn't fired for checkboxes in dialogs.
  • #8888 : It was not possible to scroll dialogs on very small viewports.
  • #9594 : The TAB key was having no effect on focused read-only editor.

CKEditor 4.0

The first stable release of the new CKEditor 4 code line.

The CKEditor JavaScript API has been kept compatible with CKEditor 4, whenever possible. The list of relevant changes can be found in the API Changes page of the CKEditor 4 documentation.


CKEditor 3.6.5

New features:

  • #9195 : It is now possible to remove contextmenu.
  • New language file: Kurdish.

Fixed issues:

  • #9132 : [IE8] Fixed js error when closing paste dialog.
  • #9101 : Tab key in smiley and special char dialog now moves focus to dialog buttons.
  • #9209 : Fixed IE7 crash when switching list item type.
  • #8995 : Fixed incorrect HTML escaping in bbcode plugin.
  • #6168 : Fixed style definition with styles defined as inline style attribute.
  • #9097 : [IE] Fixed small selection flaw when select starts from the blank region outside body.
  • #9129 : Fixed various Del/Backspace keystroke behaviors inside of HTML list.
  • #9117 : [FF] Fixed js error when calling setData() on a hidden editor.
  • #9289 : Disallowed creating javascript links through the link dialog.
  • #9312 : Fixed table with multiple <tbody> output generated in wrong order.
  • #8795 : Fixed table resize plugin not working when document overflows horizontally.
  • #8888 : Fixed dialog dimension overflowing small view port.
  • #9311 : Fixed vertical scroll being impossible when autogrow plugin is used during maximized editor.
  • #1961 : The "id" attribute will be appended to anchors alongside the "name" attribute.
  • #9219 : The <source> element is now protected while parsing the contents.
  • #9281 : [Safari] Fixed inline style breaking dialog advanced tab.
  • #9281 : [IE8] Fixed not being able to remove border from the image dialog.

CKEditor 3.6.4

Fixed issues:

  • #8887 : Ugly hover effect for buttons in dialog windows due to slightly wrong background position.
  • #8783 : getAttribute( 'contenteditable' ) returns 'inherited' on IE7 and IE6 for elements created from code.
  • #8463 : WebKit: Cut/Copy buttons didn't go on "enabled" state after selecting text in the editor.
  • #9043 : Command newpage didn't return its name when afterCommandExec event was fired.
  • #9015 : Applied ARIA label on dialog file input element.
  • #9016 : Applied the "presentation" role on the iframe element in dialog file field markup.
  • #8949 : Image Properties does not show in context menu when the image is wrapped in a div with the width set.
  • #9008 : Fixed list items order reversed when merging two lists.
  • #9042 : [Safari] Fixed pasting left garbage html at the end of document.
  • #7745 : The list of frames on JAWS will not any more show the "ALT+0 for help" text for the editor entry.
  • #8979 : Overriding matches will not any more interfere on the Font size combo.
  • #5447 : Anchor names created by the Link dialog are now trimmed to protect against unwanted spaces.
  • #8997 : Styles are lost on sub-lists when converting list type.
  • #8971 : [IE7] Dialog size are stretched when long text field value is received.
  • #8945 : Fake elements now show alternative text on High Contrast mode.
  • #8985 : Better handling of Enter key events on dialogs.
  • #8925 : [Firefox] Unexpected page scroll on large floating block when editor is re-focused.
  • #8978 : [IE] Saved editor text selection is lost after close menu.
  • #9022 : [IE7] Fixed wrong selection introduced in empty editor document when click to the bottom-right of the document.
  • #9034 : [IE7] Fixed JavaScript error caused by drag-to-select at the bottom of the document.
  • #9057 : Unexpected block established when decreasing indent of a styled list item.
  • #9063 : Styles on sub-list are lost when decreasing indent of the parent list.
  • #9047 : [Firefox] Anchors in the preview window will now work properly.
  • #8941 : [Webkit] Content region disappeared when resizing the browser.
  • #8968 : [Firefox] The forcePasteAsPlainText configuration is not working when using Ctrl/Cmd-V.
  • #6217 : Handled Del/Backspace key at the boundary of table to unify the cursor position.
  • #8950 : Changed the cursor position after calling editor::insertElement on block element.
  • #9080 : Fixed Backspace key in front of the list item to join with previous line.
  • #3592 : Removed the "title" field from flash dialog advanced tab.
  • #9084 : [IE] Dragging absolute positioned elements is now enabled by default.
  • #8879 : Corrected styling of labels used in dialog windows.
  • #8921 : [Chrome] Paste on a newly created CKEditor instance does not work on Chrome.
  • #9036 : Find feature cannot locate certain words while Match Whole Word is enabled.
  • #9069 : [Chrome] Issue with popups not opening properly on Chrome 20 makes it impossible to view the file browser window.
  • #5811 : Code for Image dialog is missing dialog dependency.
  • #5810 : Code for Div Container is missing dialog dependency.
  • #5809 : Dialog a11yhelp is missing dialog dependency.
  • #4045 : "Field Name" Column in sample_posteddata.php is to narrow.
  • Updated the following language files as submitted to the CKEditor UI Translation Center: Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Esperanto, Estonian, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Vietnamese.
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