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Add inline comments to the document. Discuss and collaborate with your peers.

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Review, comment, discuss

Review, comment, discuss

Select any part of the content and place comments anywhere in the text. You can also add a comment to block elements such as embedded media or images.

Add comments.

Edit comments.

Reply to comments.

Delete comments and comment threads.

Turn comments into comment threads

Reply to a comment to start a conversation. Comment threads allow users to easily exchange ideas and discuss suggestions to a particular part of the content.

Each comment includes the author name, avatar and a timestamp.

Turn comments into comment threads
Integrate comments with your application

Integrate comments with your application

Add comments to editor content and non-editor fields.

Show comments attached to multiple editors in a common sidebar.

Display comments in a narrow or wide sidebar or inline.

Create custom templates to match the look of your application.

Customize the features available in comments for a tight integration.

Limit permissions with comments-only mode

The comments feature supports the comments-only mode where users are not allowed to make any changes in the content, apart from adding comments.

The comments-only mode can be used as a simpler alternative for track changes. It offers a convenient way of suggesting changes in the document.

Use as a standalone plugin

Comments do not require real-time collaboration to work. The comments feature can be added to CKEditor 5 just like any other plugin.

Comments API allows you to save all comments in your application.

real-time collaborative editing

Use with real-time collaboration

Comments are fully compatible with real-time collaborative editing.

Different levels of permissions are supported during real-time collaboration. For example, authors can operate in the editing mode while other users can operate in comments-only mode.

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