Fixed Issues:

  • #12825: Fixed: Preventing the Table Resize plugin from operating on elements outside the editor. Thanks to Paul Martin!
  • #12157: Fixed: Lost text formatting on pressing Tab when the config.tabSpaces configuration option value was greater than zero.
  • #12777: Fixed: The table-layout CSS property should be reset by skins. Thanks to vita10gy!
  • #12812: Fixed: An uncaught security exception is thrown when Line Utilities are used in an inline editor loaded in a cross-domain iframe. Thanks to Vitaliy Zurian!
  • #12735: Fixed: config.fillEmptyBlocks should only apply when outputting data.
  • #10032: Fixed: Paste from Word filter is executed for every paste after using the button.
  • #12597: [Blink/Webkit] Fixed: Multi-byte Japanese characters entry not working properly after Shift+Enter.
  • #12387: Fixed: An error is thrown if a skin does not have the chameleon property defined and config.uiColor is defined.
  • #12747: [IE8-10] Fixed: Opening a drop-down for a specific selection when the editor is maximized results in incorrect drop-down panel position.
  • #12850: [IEQM] Fixed: An error is thrown after focusing the editor.
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