Track changes

Track typing, deletions, splitting or merging blocks.

Track formatting or styling changes.

Track inserting widgets, tables, images, media or any other block content.

Comment on suggested changes.

Suggest, approve or reject changes.

Show suggestions or the final document (coming soon).

Maintain full control over document changes

Track changes can be enabled by users with a toolbar button.

If your users are not allowed to edit the document directly, the track changes mode can also be enforced when starting the editor.

It is up to you to decide who is allowed to introduce final changes in the document.

Use with real-time collaboration

Track changes is fully compatible with real-time collaboration. Allow users to collaborate on documents while maintaining complete control over the content creation process.

Different levels of permissions are also supported during real-time collaboration. For example, some authors can operate in the editing mode while others are in suggestion mode with track changes.

Use as a standalone plugin

Track changes does not require real-time collaboration to work. If you prefer asynchronous document editing with a more traditional approach, track changes can be added to CKEditor 5 just like any other plugin.

The track changes API allows you to save all changes to your servers.

Interested in using track changes in your project?

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