A powerful file manager with image editing for CKEditor.


Upload images and manage files

Upload images just how you like it. Tight integration with CKEditor lets you:

Drag and drop images.

Paste images from clipboard straight into the editor.

Automatically upload images from Word documents.

Upload multiple images at once.

CKFinder samples

CKFinder is an advanced file manager with support for multiple file upload. Use it to:

Group files into folders and subfolders.

Move or copy files between folders.

Filter files to easily find what you need.

Delete unneeded files at any moment.

CKEditor integration
Crop, rotate, edit, resize images

Crop, rotate, edit, resize images

CKFinder includes an intuitive image editor. Use it to: crop, resize and rotate images, set brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure and more.

Choose one of the predefined filters. Get that Instagram look straight in your WYSIWYG editor with one mouse click!

CKFinder can also save your time and automatically scale bigger images to a predefined maximum size and quality.

Upload files anywhere you like

Your files are fully under your control. Store them on a server where you installed CKFinder or configure it to send the files using FTP.

CKFinder comes with several ready-to-use adapters to save your files to popular cloud storages: Dropbox, Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure.

The CKFinder architecture allows for writing adapters for hosting files virtually anywhere, including in a database.

Any file types you wish

Any file types you wish

It is up to you to choose which file types are supported:

• PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF images,
• Videos,
• PDF or DOC files,
• ZIP archives
... or anything else.

A flexible permissions system allows you to set allowed and disallowed file extensions to cover various use cases.


Use it in any browser

Contextual toolbar ensures intuitive navigation on touch devices.

Handy keyboard shortcuts will boost your productivity in desktop browsers.

CKFinder works in legacy browsers, too, including Internet Explorer.

Your files are secure

Access Control List allows you to define granular permissions per folders and subfolders. You can make some folders read-only and disallow access to others for unauthenticated users.

You can configure CKFinder to give users their own private folders and a shared public space.

You can control the allowed and disallowed file extension types.

Your files are secure

Without CKEditor

Although CKFinder integrates nicely with CKEditor, it is also a fully independent, standalone file manager. You can use it without CKEditor to manage your files or upload images and files to your server or to your cloud storage.

Website integration

Truly global

Almost 50 language versions available. User interface with LTR and RTL support (e.g. for Arabic or Hebrew). Great support for foreign file and folder names.

CKFinder in Brazilian Portuguese

Customize it!

Read-only mode
Set up CKFinder without upload features, letting your users choose from a predefined list of files or images (e.g. stock photos).

Compact mode
Display files without the folders tree in a nice compact way.

Multiple configuration options, friendly API, detailed documentation and ability to be extended with custom plugins allow you to fully adjust CKFinder to your needs.

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