New Features:

Fixed Issues:

  • #12423: [Safari7.1+] Fixed: Enter key moved cursor to a strange position.
  • #12381: [iOS] Fixed: Selection issue. Thanks to Remiremi!
  • #10804: Fixed: CKEDITOR_GETURL is not used with some plugins where it should be used. Thanks to Thomas Andraschko!
  • #9137: Fixed: The <base> tag is not created when <head> has an attribute. Thanks to naoki.fujikawa!
  • #12377: Fixed: Errors thrown in the Image plugin when removing preview from the dialog window definition. Thanks to Axinet!
  • #12162: Fixed: Auto paragraphing and Enter key in nested editables.
  • #12315: Fixed: Marked config.autoParagraph as deprecated.
  • #12113: Fixed: A code snippet should be presented in the elements path as "code snippet" (translatable).
  • #12311: Fixed: Remove Format should also remove <cite> elements.
  • #12261: Fixed: Filter has to be destroyed and removed from CKEDITOR.filter.instances on editor destroy.
  • #12398: Fixed: Maximize does not work on an instance without a title.
  • #12097: Fixed: JAWS not reading the number of options correctly in the Text Color and Background Color button menu.
  • #12411: Fixed: Page Break used directly in the editable breaks the editor.
  • #12354: Fixed: Various issues in undo manager when holding keys.
  • #12324: [IE8] Fixed: Undo steps are not recorded when changing the caret position by clicking below the body.
  • #12332: Fixed: Lowered DOM events listeners' priorities in undo manager in order to avoid ambiguity.
  • #12402: [Blink] Fixed: Workaround for Blink bug with document.title which breaks updating title in the full HTML mode.
  • #12338: Fixed: The CKEditor package contains unoptimized images.
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