CKEditor 4.11.4

Fixed Issues:

Other Changes:

  • Updated WebSpellChecker (WSC) and SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT) plugins:
    • Language dictionary update: German language was extended with over 600k new words.
    • Language dictionary update: Swedish language was extended with over 300k new words.
    • Grammar support added for Australian and New Zealand English, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian and Austrian languages.
    • Changed wavy red and green lines that underline spelling and grammar errors to straight ones.
    • #55: Fixed: WSC does not use CKEDITOR.getUrl() when referencing style sheets.
    • #166: Fixed: SCAYT does not use CKEDITOR.getUrl() when referencing style sheets.
    • #56: [Chrome] Fixed: SCAYT/WSC throws errors when running inside a Chrome extension.
    • Fixed: After removing a dictionary, the words are not underlined and considered as incorrect.
    • Fixed: The Slovenian (sl_SL) language does not work.
    • Fixed: Quotes with code U+2019 (Right single quotation mark) are considered separators.
    • Fixed: Wrong error message formatting when the service ID is invalid.
    • Fixed: Absent languages in the Languages tab when using SCAYT with the Shared Spaces plugin.

CKEditor 4.11.3

Fixed Issues:

  • #2721#487: Fixed: The order of sublist items is reversed when a higher level list item is removed.
  • #2527: Fixed: Emoji autocomplete order does not prioritize emojis with the name starting from the used string.
  • #2572: Fixed: Icons in the Emoji dropdown navigation groups are not centered.
  • #1191: Fixed: Items in the elements path are draggable.
  • #2292: Fixed: Dropping a list with a link on the editor's margin causes a console error and removes the dragged text from editor.
  • #2756: Fixed: The Auto Link plugin causes an error when typing in the source editing mode.
  • #1986: Fixed: The Cell Properties dialog from the Table Tools plugin shows styles that are not allowed through config.allowedContent.
  • #2565: [IE, Edge] Fixed: Buttons in the editor toolbar are activated by clicking them with the right mouse button.
  • #2792: Fixed: A bug in the Copy Formatting plugin that caused the following issues:
    • #2780: Fixed: Undo steps disappear after multiple changes of selection.
    • #2470: [Firefox] Fixed: Widget's nested editable gets blurred upon focus.
    • #2655: [Chrome, Safari] Fixed: Widget's nested editable cannot be focused under certain circumstances.

CKEditor 4.11.2

Fixed Issues:

  • #2403: Fixed: Styling inline editor initialized inside a table with the Table Selection plugin is causing style leaks.
  • #2514: Fixed: Pasting table data into inline editor initialized inside a table with the Table Selection plugin inserts pasted content into the wrapping table.
  • #2451: Fixed: The Remove Format plugin changes selection.
  • #2546: Fixed: The separator in the toolbar moves when buttons are focused.
  • #2506: Fixed: Enhanced Image throws a type error when an empty <figure> tag with an image class is upcasted.
  • #2650: Fixed: Table dialog validator fails when the getValue()function is defined in the global scope.
  • #2690: Fixed: Decimal characters are removed from the inside of numbered lists when pasting content using the Paste from Word plugin.
  • #2205: Fixed: It is not possible to add new list items under an item containing a block element.
  • #2411#2438 Fixed: Apply numbered list option throws a console error for a specific markup.
  • #2430 Fixed: Color Button and List Block items are draggable.

Other Changes:

  • Updated the WebSpellChecker (WSC) plugin:
    • #52 Fixed: Clicking "Finish Checking" without a prior action would hang the Spell Checking dialog.
  • #2603: Corrected the GPL license entry in the package.json file.

CKEditor 4.11.1

Fixed Issues:

  • #2571: Fixed: Clicking the categories in the Emoji dropdown panel scrolls the entire page.

CKEditor 4.11.0

Security Updates:

  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in the HTML parser reported by maxarr.

    Issue summary: It was possible to execute XSS inside CKEditor after persuading the victim to: (i) switch CKEditor to source mode, then (ii) paste a specially crafted HTML code, prepared by the attacker, into the opened CKEditor source area, and (iii) switch back to WYSIWYG mode.

An upgrade is highly recommended!

New Features:

  • #2062: Added the emoji dropdown that allows the user to choose the emoji from the toolbar and search for them using keywords.
  • #2154: The Link plugin now supports phone number links.
  • #1815: The Auto Link plugin supports typing link completion.
  • #2478Link can be inserted using the Ctrl/Cmd + K keystroke.
  • #651: Text pasted using the Paste from Word plugin preserves indentation in paragraphs.
  • #2248: Added support for justification in the BBCode plugin. Thanks to Matěj Kmínek!
  • #706: Added a different cursor style when selecting cells for the Table Selection plugin.
  • #2072: The UI Button plugin supports custom aria-haspopup property values. The Menu Button aria-haspopupvalue is now menu, the Panel Button and Rich Combo aria-haspopup value is now listbox.
  • #1176: The Balloon Panel can now be attached to a selection instead of an element.
  • #2202: Added the contextmenu_contentsCss configuration option to allow adding custom CSS to the Context Menu.

Fixed Issues:

  • #1477: Fixed: On destroy, Balloon Toolbar does not destroy its content.
  • #2394: Fixed: Emoji dropdown does not show up with repeated symbols in a single line.
  • #1181: [Chrome] Fixed: Opening the context menu in a read-only editor results in an error.
  • #2276: [iOS] Fixed: Button state does not refresh properly.
  • #1489: Fixed: Table contents can be removed in read-only mode when the Table Selection plugin is used.
  • #1264 Fixed: Right-click does not clear the selection created with the Table Selection plugin.
  • #586 Fixed: The required attribute is not correctly recognized by the Form Elements plugin dialog. Thanks to Roli Züger!
  • #2380 Fixed: Styling HTML comments in a top-level element results in extra paragraphs.
  • #2294 Fixed: Pasting content from Microsoft Outlook and then bolding it results in an error.
  • #2035 [Edge] Fixed: Permission denied is thrown when opening a Panel instance.
  • #965 Fixed: The config.forceSimpleAmpersand option does not work. Thanks to Alex Maris!
  • #2448: Fixed: The [Escape HTML Entities] plugin with custom additional entities configuration breaks HTML escaping.
  • #898: Fixed: Enhanced Image long alternative text protrudes into the editor when the image is selected.
  • #1113: [Firefox] Fixed: Nested contenteditable elements path is not updated on focus with the Div Editing Area plugin.
  • #1682 Fixed: Hovering the Balloon Toolbar panel changes its size, causing flickering.
  • #421 Fixed: Expandable Button puts the (Selected) text at the end of the label when clicked.
  • #1454: Fixed: The onAbort method of the Upload Widget is not called when the loader is aborted.
  • #1451: Fixed: The context menu is incorrectly positioned when opened with Shift+F10.
  • #1722CKEDITOR.filter.instances is causing memory leaks.
  • #2491: Fixed: The Mentions plugin is not matching diacritic characters.
  • #2519: Fixed: The Accessibility Help dialog should display all available keystrokes for a single command.

API Changes:

Other Changes:

  • #1713: Removed the redundant lang.title entry from the Clipboard plugin.
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