Fixed Issues:

  • #5333: Fixed: The original name of the uploaded image is not preserved by the Upload Image plugin if the Clipboard plugin has enabled image handling.
  • #2881: Fixed: Changing table headers from "Both" to "First column" in the Table dialog does not change the first column cell correctly.
  • #2996: Fixed: Table header "scope" attribute is incorrect for the "Headers: both" option in the Table dialog.
  • #4802: Fixed: Tableselection caret moves to the previous cell after tabbing into the next cell and then removing its content.
  • #5365: Fixed: The value of the config.baseFloatZIndex config variable is incorrectly applied to parent dialog when the child dialog is closed resulting in the dialog overlay covering up the dialog. Thanks to JenoDK!
  • #5305: Fixed: Anchor name can invalidly include spaces.
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