CKEditor 5, the best wysiwyg editor for Vue

The best WYSIWYG rich text editor for Vue is here

We are happy to announce the release of the native integration of CKEditor 5 with Vue.js, the progressive JavaScript framework. This brings the number of available CKEditor 5 rich-text editor integrations with popular frameworks to three, after the Angular 2+ and React integrations published a few weeks ago.

Real-time collaboration - How we approached collaborative editing

Lessons learned from creating a rich-text editor with real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration is a feature we wanted to introduce since the inception of CKEditor 5. The research that we made back in 2012 and some failed attempts that we observed all around showed us that full support for collaborative editing for rich-text data cannot be added on top of existing projects. A proper architecture has to be designed and implemented from scratch, with real-time collaboration treated as a first-class citizen in the entire project.

CKEditor 5 - A new era for rich text editing

CKEditor 5: A new era for rich text editing

The heart of the new CKEditor Ecosystem is undoubtedly our brand new editor, CKEditor 5. It’s not simply the next major version of one the most popular rich text editors out there. It’s the next chapter on what web text editors are, how they should be used and what possibilities they bring.

Why We Chose a Multirepo Architecture for CKEditor 5

To answer why we’ve made a choice to keep CKEditor 5 code in multiple repositories I should perhaps first explain what problems that brings. Or rather — what are the advantages of keeping things in a single repository.

CKSource  - Open (Source) for 10 Years!

‘It all started in 2003. The decision of bringing my pet project into the open — to an environment I was still unfamiliar with. In a period when Open Source Software wasn’t yet a fashionable thing to do in order to show that you’re cool.’

Editor Recommendations Project

'What features should a rich text editor have? Should bold produce the ‘strong’ or the ‘b’ HTML tag? Should underline be included? What about formatting features like font size or color?

Designing Software in the Open

‘Last year I’ve introduced some details about CKEditor 5, our new content editing platform, which will reach the market in 2016. Since then, we’ve made very good progress with its development. We’re almost finalizing the code for the basic infrastructure that will support the editor’s core.
There is one aspect though that has not been emphasized enough so far  -  the fact that (since the very beginning) we have been designing CKEditor 5 in the open, so anyone can jump in to help us or to simply share their opinion.’

Generosity Case Study

Generosity is the only socially conscious fundraising platform that’s free, fast, and open, giving individuals and organizations the power to improve lives everywhere. As a fundraising community built for personal and social causes, it supports nonprofit organizations and individuals, who often want to show images and videos within their fundraisers to motivate donors and demonstrate their impact.

Build a WYSIWYG editor in-house or use an off-the-shelf solution?

You often consider writing a new piece of software when the products already available on the market seem insufficient in terms of their functionalities, or simply do not fit the goals of your company. It’s obvious that you wouldn’t want to use a random out-of-the-box solution that doesn’t exactly do what you intended it to do. However, when you consider these few points before you decide to create a completely new content editing solution, it becomes clear that reinventing the wheel is the last thing in which your company should be involved.

CKEditor 5 - The Future of Rich Text Editing

CKEditor has made a long way in more than 12 years of its existence. During this time, it has been greatly improved in many aspects, becoming a rock-solid solution for web applications, reaching 15 million downloads recently.
The Web itself changed during these years. New standards emerged together with new ways of consuming and sharing information. A much stronger understanding about the value of web content has developed, for the benefit of the present and the future of the world. JavaScript finally showed its power in the everyday life of people and the web technology evolved to become the mandatory option for modern software.

5 Reasons Why Open Source Software Is Perfect For Enterprise Solutions

Open Source Software came a long way from being created and maintained by passionate developers looking for game-changing solutions, to becoming the backbone of the tech industry. Past few years saw the rise of investment in open source solutions by such tech moguls as IBM, Intel, Facebook, and Google - to name just a few.

CoreMedia Case Study

The combination of a massive growth in the consumption of online content and the introduction of new digital channels and devices has resulted in a dramatically different landscape for editorial staff. Maintaining a consistent brand experience across all channels has become a significant challenge. This includes the appearance and impact for formatted text.

AKIOMA Case Study

We have tried several other solutions, but in the end we were not satisfied at all. We have been searching for a tool that offers all requested functionalities and which is highly customizable. Then we found CKSource with their product - CKEditor. We have discovered very quickly, that CKEditor is the perfect tool for us.

WOW! Over 15 Million Downloads!

This week we crossed an amazing milestone reaching 15 million downloads of CKEditor historically (check the website footer). In 2014 alone we had 3 million downloads! Impressive!

CKEditor Community Forums Move to Stack Overflow

The power of each Open Source project lies in the community around it. To make community contributions and support easier, we have decided to migrate from our own forum that had a limited number of features to a full-blown community support platform - Stack Overflow. Read on for more details about the move!

Top myths about using the WYSIWYG editor

If not entangled in a love-hate relationship, WYSIWYG editors are usually taken for granted by the online community. Most users think sites and CMSs naturally come with such tools, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Unless a site uses a CMS like Drupal 8 that includes CKEditor by default, developers and site owners have to manually implement them.

10 Tips on How to Pick a WYSIWYG Editor

Picking a WYSIWYG editor for your project can be a daunting task. Choices abound with a few major players like CKEditor dominating the market. HTML editors can give your website an additional layer of usability, but adding third-party components to any online project should be done with great care. The Web is ever-evolving, which means your site must also be in step with the times or risk opening itself up to unforeseen problems.

Citibank Case Study

Client was looking for quality support on a commercial level, something they feared they wouldn’t find in an Open Source project. They also needed support for IE8 and above on Windows 7 64 bit.

CKEditor Examples Unveiled

We are proud to present the new and shiny CKEditor Examples that has just been published online and is also available for download. The CKEditor Examples is a huge collection of resources designed to help you get familiar with all editor features and make the process of implementing, configuring and integrating CKEditor with your website or application easier. And what’s the best part? It’s free!

CKSource Meetup 2014

Last week the CKSource team met for two days in Warsaw, Poland, to talk about various topics ranging from future CKEditor functionalities, CKFinder 3.0, Bender.js, and many other current and future projects. The meetup concluded with an office party and a night on the town! In all, it was loads of fun with some interesting company decisions being made in the process.

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