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GitHub Writer now available with Mermaid support

GitHub has recently introduced Mermaid support. Mermaid is a flowchart and visualization tool that is similar to Markdown. CKSource meanwhile has introduced it to its GitHub Writer platform, which is a rich text editor within GitHub and based on CKEditor 5.

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Basic overview of creating flowcharts using Mermaid

Mermaid is now available on GitHub and is a flowchart and visualization tool that was inspired by the Markdown language. Users can create a variety of chart types and insert them into the text fields of GitHub. These text fields or places where these charts can be inserted include wikis, documentation, pull requests and more. In this guide we show you the various options of creating a flowchart using this language.

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Is coding for everyone?

Is coding for everyone? Can anyone become a software developer? If you think that you’re “unsuited” for IT professions and keep on repeating that you’re “just not a math person”, you may be very wrong. Learn why the right attitude matters so much in this case and what are the key prerequisites and conditions to kickstart a professional coding career.

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5 best collaborative writing strategies for 2022

Collaborative writing is getting increasingly popular within modern organizations. But it is not as simple as it might seem. To make the process of crafting great content together smooth and more effective, the right collaborative writing strategies need to be adopted. In this article, we shed light on some of the best collaborative writing strategies to utilize in 2022 and beyond.

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How programming affects your brain

How programming affects your brain as a software developer is not a mystery anymore. Dealing with complex corner cases, breaking down difficult problems, or performing source code reviews can activate the brain’s learning centers and increase cognitive abilities, to name but a few benefits. One of the ways of empowering your brain capabilities this way is getting a job at and growing with CKSource.

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Agile project management - how we do it at CKSource

Agile project management is still making the headlines, despite being 20 years old. The benefits of its application are countless and priceless, and we are well aware of that at CKSource. Software developers who join us can see for themselves that going Agile and relying on continuous feedback simply makes the work done faster and more pleasant, and the results of it are often more than impressive. With this blog post, we’re continuing a cycle on the reasons why it is so beneficial to launch your career with CKSource or switch to this company from your current endeavor.

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A candidate-friendly recruitment process is here at CKSource. Come join us!

Every recruitment process can be a smooth experience. And at CKSource, we are well aware of that, showing respect to candidates from the very beginning of the way, and providing them with just the right amount of information they need to get started. What’s more, we’re open to junior software developers, offering them support and appreciation. Such an attitude pays off for both sides in the long run. With this blog post, we’re continuing a cycle on the reasons why it is so good and so beneficial to launch your career with CKSource or switch to this company from your current endeavor.

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How blockchain-based writing platforms are shaping the future of written content

Blockchain has been known to be a game changer in digital transactions due to its functionality as a digital ledger and ties to cryptocurrency. However, it is also being utilized across new platforms designed for writers or that have writing as their core functionality. We talk about some of these use cases and also how CKEditor 5 can fit into this role for future blockchain development. This article focuses on writing platforms using blockchain in a way that are already available today, but the potential is immense.

Best practices of remote work are in use at CKSource. Come join us!

Working remotely best practices are something that people who work from home often know little about. For many, telecommuting is a nightmare, and they dream about coming back to the office any time soon. But at CKSource, it’s not like that at all. For the majority of our job positions, employees are free to decide whether they work on-site, within the hybrid model, or fully remotely. And they often choose the latter, greatly enjoying work-life balance, smooth communication within the team, and taking care of their well-being and growth.

Document navigation made easy - previewing the content minimap in CKEditor 5

If there is one thing every content writer could probably do without, it is the feeling of getting lost in a long document. Trying to navigate a book chapter or a legal document? We have all been there and we know this can be such a headache. There is good news, though: we came up with something to make your editing experience a little bit easier. What if the same content navigation tool that programmers have been using and enjoying for years was available in CKEditor 5? We decided to give it a try and this is how the first content minimap for a WYSIWYG text editor was born.

Feedback culture matters at CKSource. Come join us!

Feedback culture is a true revelation for all those who hadn’t become acquainted with it before. But at CKSource, we are used to it and have mastered it for many years, being well aware that it’s something that results in a smoother workflow, increased productivity and, first and foremost, happier employees. Thanks to it, they may enjoy the company culture where they are heard and appreciated, and their efforts are recognized.<br><br> With this blog post, we’re starting a cycle on the reasons why it is so good and so beneficial to launch your career with CKSorce or switch to this company from your current endeavor.

Microsoft Word vs CKEditor 5 Track Changes Compared

How does CKEditor 5’s Track Changes feature stand up to Microsoft Word? Read on to find out. We compare and analyze the differences between the two rich text editors and how they handle this task. Being able to apply changes, see who made them and revert the changes back is what this feature is all about.

Learn how bad meetings can ruin your business, and what you can do to save it from the meeting madness efficiently.

How to save companies from the meeting madness

They are soul-sucking, time-consuming, and extremely expensive. They bring companies and employees down, diminishing their performance. Still, many team leaders feel that holding more and more bad or unproductive meetings is their duty, and something their organizations simply cannot go without. But the truth is completely different. Breaking out of meeting overload may not be easy, but there are effective ways of doing it right. And CKEditor 5 with collaboration has a role to play here, too.

A stylized graphic of different instances of CKEditor 5 with toolbar variations and a link insertion plugin.

You decide - customizability with CKEditor 5

Having the right tools for the job influences your software’s output. The developers of CKEditor 5 know that, which is why our API provides optimal customizability that can help you create the perfect plugin for your software’s needs. We explain how the development teams from three clients of ours — Plutio, Condé Nast, and Neos — used our API to customize CKEditor 5 instances in specific ways with satisfying results. Read on to see what we mean.

How collaborative innovation makes companies more competitive and better

How collaborative innovation makes companies more competitive and better

The world of business is changing lightning fast, so you need to tread carefully. There are many examples of companies that stood still among the hasty race and eventually failed, like Nokia or Yahoo!, and of those who strived to take the innovative challenge and ultimately won. Embracing innovations to the fullest is what real-time collaboration and CKEditor 5 enable and enhance. There are hundreds of successful, progressive companies that were able to find out that collaboration is what encourages businesses to innovate more and do it better.

Real-time collaboration: Improve the company’s performance easily thanks to CKEditor 5 collaborative editing software!

Real-time collaboration tools in 2022 - 7 benefits you get from using it

There are dozens of advantages and benefits real-time collaboration can impress us with. Here, we’ve selected seven that our clients love and value the most. Have a look below and discover how collaborative editing can optimize content workflow, save time, effort, and money, help reach flawless effects, trigger greater productivity, create an innovative mindset, and — on top of that — give the whole team a lot of space, freedom, and fun. Easily.

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