Celebrating 20 years of CKEditor

This week, CKEditor celebrates its 20th anniversary! From our humble beginnings as FCKEditor, through four iterations and now as CKEditor 5, the team at CKSource has continually led the way in rich text editing and innovation.

To quote our CTO and President, Wiktor Walc, “I feel appreciative for being able to participate in a successful open source project for so long. Getting to 20 years has taken a lot of hard work, passion, and focus from everyone – we’re so excited to see what the future brings.”

CKEditor, which was initially called FCKEditor, was established in 2003 – a period when open source software wasn’t well-known nor widely used. Frederico Caldeira Knabben, the founder of CKSource, initially considered the project as a passionate hobby. However, by 2006 he’d officially launched CKSource and began building the company and its comprehensive software offerings.

Today, CKSource Premium products are used by 20,000+ people. Similarly, the company has grown from its open source beginnings to now being a portfolio company of its parent, Tiugo Technologies, who employs 190+ people across the world.

# CKEditor usage growth

In its twentieth year, CKEditor 5 continues to grow, with the open source version becoming the default editor within Drupal 10. Initiatives like these ensure its open-source foundations continue to support the wider development community.

To this day, CKEditor 5 continues to lead rich text editing technology, with further expansions into real-time collaboration, track changes and the introduction of templates that make it easier for teams to work together to create great content.

In celebration of this wonderful 20-year milestone, some of the team from our Warsaw Head Office got together (yes, face-to-face) to celebrate the occasion.

# CKEditor people growth

In September 2022, CKSource (the creators of CKEditor) was awarded the Great Place to Work® Certification™.

Global recipients of this award are considered to be an exemplary or definitive “employer-of-choice” – especially since the certification is based entirely on employee reports on their workplace experience. Here’s some photos of the fabulous team who’ve helped make CKSource the great company it is today!

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