JSX syntax for CKEditor 5 converters - an experiment

JSX syntax for CKEditor 5 converters - an experiment

The content in the CKEditor 5 is represented by a custom data model. It provides a layer of abstraction over the HTML data that is used to store the content (the data view). To translate the model representation to the target data format (in most cases HTML), the developer must provide a set of converters. This article showcases another approach to writing model-to-view converters and introduces a JSX-compatible syntax that allows to write converters by defining the expected output with syntax that is similar to the HTML data format.

the best open source Markdown editor

CKEditor 5: the best open source Markdown editor

CKEditor is an open source rich-text editor. Even though it is mostly developed by CKSource, it has a large community of contributors backing the development efforts. One of the popular questions that we receive time and time again is the availability of Markdown editing. The simple answer is yes. Let’s dive a little deeper into this topic to get a more elaborate answer as to how.

How to detect human faces (and other shapes) in JavaScript

How to detect human faces (and other shapes) in JavaScript

Google believes in a Web that can compete with native applications unintimidated. One of the areas in which native applications for years have been superior to web applications was detecting shapes in images. Tasks such as face recognition were not possible until recently… But not anymore!

Managing images with CKEditor 5

Managing images with CKEditor 5

If you need your software to help manage images, there are important decisions to be made. Where will you store them - do you want them on-premises or in the cloud? There’s also the question of what features you need - how hands-on are your software’s users with visual media? Luckily, CKEditor 5 is flexible with both storage and feature possibilities for your solution. Here is a quick overview of your options in wrangling images with CKEditor 5.

How to successfully launch a software application

How to successfully launch a software application on Product Hunt in 2020?

So you’ve created an application and want it to reach a mass audience. Product Hunt is one of the most popular and easy ways to do this. In GitHub Writer’s case, Product Hunt helped the new application reach 1000 downloads. This Open Source side project, which is based on CKEditor 5, is a browser extension that brings WYSIWYG editing to GitHub. It was one of the top 5 products on the day of its launch and as such was promoted in its newsletter and socials. Read on to learn more about how you can make the best out of a Product Hunt launch as well.

Student information systems help guide students by communicating vital information.

The shape of things to come: student information systems edition

A student information system’s chief goal is to aid school communication of news and announcements between students, teachers, parents, faculty, and staff. So what, then, is effective school communication? The goal is the same whether you’re a student information system vendor or a school administrator who oversees your institution’s own homebrewed solution: a student information system that optimizes communication no matter the situation. Rich-text editing can aid in reaching that goal.

Swinging on an AST branch

Swinging on an AST branch

There are things that we tend not to notice since they are so obvious — or we just do not need to think about them. There are many such things in JavaScript, things that we do not need to worry about in our everyday work (unless you develop Babel or Rollup — then these things are your work…). Let’s look into one of such things: Abstract Syntax Tree (AST).

Free Online HTML Editor

A simple on-the-go online HTML editor

Looking for a ready-to-use WYSIWYG editor access, without having to deal with any integrations? We got your back with our new website onlinehtmleditor.dev Read on to learn more.

How to become a better programmer

How to become a better programmer

Being a programmer is not a simple thing. The variety of programming languages, technologies, concepts, rules, and terminologies can be overwhelming for newcomers. What’s more, you need to be up-to-date all the time. Otherwise, you take a step back.

What to consider when choosing the best WYSIWYG HTML editor

What to consider when choosing the best WYSIWYG HTML editor

Struggling to choose a writing solution that will fit your software perfectly? Maybe you need a brush up on which features, specifications and perks you should watch out for in 2020? Read on to learn about the most important things you should look for when choosing the best WYSIWYG HTML editor for your software project.

A digitally-drawn view of a child’s bedroom partially obscured by a tablet, which renders the scene as a virtual classroom.

What are virtual classrooms? A rundown of the most popular software by CKEditor

If you are in a frantic search for a virtual classroom solution that incorporates as much of the traditional classroom atmosphere as possible while minimizing interruption of established workflows and schedules with a small-as-possible learning curve, consider this: real-time collaborative writing technology with rich-text editing capabilities is a welcome addition to multiple commonly-used virtual classroom technologies. Click to learn more.

HTML in Node.js

HTML in Node.js

Sometimes we can be using a technology for years and not realize that it hides some small, yet super useful, feature deep inside. This is also true for Node.js and its require(). Did you know that it allows you to import HTML files into your JavaScript application?

Knowledge management and capturing the ideas of your talent

Knowledge management systems and capturing the ideas of your talent with KM

Learn how choosing the right knowledge management system for your company is essential to turning your talent’s tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. The sooner you identify the tool or system that’s just right, the sooner what they know can benefit you. Your response to the challenges of the modern marketplace depends on it.

Implementing single-file Web Components

Implementing single-file Web Components

Probably everyone who knows the Vue.js framework also heard about its single-file components. This super simple idea allows web developers to define the entire code of a component in one file. It is such a useful solution that an initiative to include this mechanism in browsers has already appeared. However, it seems quite dead as, unfortunately, no progress has been made since August 2017. Nevertheless, looking into this topic and trying to make single-file components work in the browsers using the technologies already available was an interesting experiment to undertake.

Signal abortion

Aborting a signal: How to cancel an asynchronous task in JavaScript

Performing asynchronous tasks can be hard, especially when a particular programming language does not allow for canceling mistakenly started or no longer needed actions. Fortunately, JavaScript offers a very handy piece of functionality for aborting an asynchronous activity. In this article, you can learn how to use it to create your own abortable function.

People working in SaaS industry using collaborative editing features for the good

5 ways SaaS companies can benefit from collaborative editing with CKEditor 5

SaaStr Annual is there to help SaaS businesses scale up and we are going to be there to show how a good WYSIWYG editor can contribute to that. We want to show that CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features can provide a modern writing experience for every application. Whether you would like to spice up the software you create or your internal team dynamic, here are five reasons why SaaS companies should choose a collaborative rich text editor like CKEditor 5.

CKEditor 5 Online builder

The easiest way to customize a WYSIWYG editor - CKEditor 5 online builder

There are many WYSIWYG editors on the market and they come in different flavors. At CKEditor, we believe that your needs should shape the editor that you choose, not the other way around. Instead of creating a one-size-fits-all product, we design our editors in a way that makes it easy to mix and match the features and UI you want. With the release of CKEditor 5 online builder, we have just made the editor customization process easy and intuitive!

CKEditor 5 going to FETC.

7 reasons why your LMS needs a better and collaborative WYSIWYG editor

We are taking CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features to the Future of Education Technology Conference in Miami on January 14-17, 2020. But before we meet there, we would like to talk about what makes a WYSIWYG rich text editor so important for learning management systems and education applications. If you are an education software creator, school’s in-house technology person, or a concerned educator who is not happy with the current writing experience in your education software, read on!

Cute wild boar waiting to be fed with your clipboard.

Middleware-based clipboard handling - meet clipboar 🐗

In the newest version of CKEditor 4 we introduced a new mechanism of handling pasting into the WYSIWYG editor that is provided by the Paste Tools plugin. It is based on a battle-tested idea of middlewares and simplifies the process of adding new paste handlers. We have decided to play around a little bit more with this concept and created a simple library for handling pasting and dropping content into a web page. Read on for more!

CKEditor 5 collaboration journey and update on what were we up to

Collaboration journey of CKEditor 5 - What were we up to

It has been a while since we updated you about how we are doing on the collaboration front. Today, we are happy to announce that all three of CKEditor 5 collaboration features - comments, track changes, and real-time collaborative editing are now in perfect harmony. You can edit, use key features like tables, paste from Word and Google Docs, comment or suggest changes on the document with collaborators. All in real-time.

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