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Generosity Case Study

The Challenge

Generosity is the only socially conscious fundraising platform that’s free, fast, and open, giving individuals and organizations the power to improve lives everywhere. As a fundraising community built for personal and social causes, it supports nonprofit organizations and individuals, who often want to show images and videos within their fundraisers to motivate donors and demonstrate their impact.

The platform needed a new editor that would support videos and images as well as basic font formatting.

Most importantly, we wanted a text editor that provided a seamless user experience and provided technical support if we needed to make changes. We were attracted to CKSource by its credibility, its customer service and its flexible feature set.

Alice Ely, Associate Product Manager, Generosity by Indiegogo

The Solution

CKEditor in Generosity by Indiegogo

It took about three weeks to implement CKEditor. After implementing CKEditor, Generosity's customers were able to upload pictures, videos, and format their text, without any extra effort.

We liked that CKEditor was open source, had a helpful customer service team, and offered many features if we wanted to iterate on it.

Alice Ely, Associate Product Manager, Generosity by Indiegogo

The Results

CKSource solution allowed Generosity to have more control over their WYSIWYG editor. With the previous editor, they experienced a great deal of bugs that weren’t easily fixable. CKEditor provided the support and documentation that empowered Generosity's engineering team to customize the editor and fix bugs quickly.

I’d recommend CKEditor for its strong support and wide variety of features.

Alice Ely, Associate Product Manager, Generosity by Indiegogo

Technical Recap

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