How Kanbanize revolutionized its workflows and UX with CKEditor

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Sofia, Bulgaria (Global)

Ventsi Lyaskov

CKEditor 5 is a great WYSIWYG editor – easy to implement and use, highly customizable, and allowing users to focus on getting the job done.

Ventsi Lyaskov

Head of Support & KB, Kanbanize


Smooth user experience

More efficient workflow

Improved user feedback

Versatile WYSIWYG for collaboration

Minimal custom development work

Extensive documentation and support

The challenge

Enhancing a project management platform with better communication

Kanbanize is a project management software solution based around the use of kanban boards. Client companies use Kanbanize to visualize projects, separate work into discrete tasks, and track progress.

Clear communication is vital to this kind of workflow, so task descriptions must be easy to write, read, and update. Longer, more complex descriptions are often needed for more complex tasks – where images, diagrams, and lists are used to better explain the task details. Some users were even resorting to using MS Excel to create tables to paste into the description field.

To ensure clear communication, Kanbanize needed a rich text editor with:

  • An easy-to-use MS Word-style experience
  • Support for media, tables and complex formatting
  • Asynchronous collaboration features
The decision to choose CKEditor was quick – after we found it, our developers went through the editor’s code and documentation and decided it was the perfect match and the proper tool for the job.

The solution

Integrating a versatile, collaborative rich text editor

Ventsi Lyaskov, head of support and knowledge base at Kanbanize, says the choice to use CKEditor 5 was a simple one: “We didn’t even feel the need to explore other options as we immediately liked what we saw.” Once CKEditor was integrated into Kanbanize, it made the process of creating task descriptions much easier.

The familiar, MS Word-style interface is simple for people to learn. Users can add headings, lists, and quotes right inside the description field to make sure key information stands out. The image embed functionality allows adding diagrams and visual aids. Plus, colleagues can leave comments on task descriptions to ask for clarification.

Best of all, Kanbanize users no longer have to switch to Excel to create a table. CKEditor 5 lets them create and style tables natively, within the editor. “One of the main advantages of CKEditor is that it helps users stay inside Kanbanize and not feel the need to switch to another application. This saves time, prevents distraction, and therefore eliminates waste,” says Ventsi.

What we provided

Versatile WYSIWYG editor purpose-built for collaboration

Comments (Commercial)


Paste from Office

Image Embed

Commercial License

The result

Satisfied users and a more flexible, powerful UX

Since integrating CKEditor 5 into Kanbanize, Ventsi says the company regularly gets enthusiastic feedback from users, many of whom love the Comments feature. Not only that, the editor saves Kanbanize users time that was previously wasted on “context switching between multiple other applications,” such as creating tables in Excel to paste into Kanbanize.

The company has received requests for further feature improvements, and CKEditor’s modular, plugin-based architecture makes adding new functionality much easier than coding features from scratch. Therefore, Kanbanize is looking forward to implementing the Track Changes feature in the near future to extend its collaborative content creation processes.

Ventsi is full of praise for the CKEditor support team, because every time Ventsi and his team have contacted support, “we were able to get the answers to our questions and the requests were handled in a timely manner.” But he’s also quick to point out that the detailed documentation for CKEditor 5 means support requests have rarely been required. Overall, “we would rate the support as outstanding,” he says.

Note: Kanbanize rebranded as Businessmap on September 20, 2023.

Whenever we needed any help, the CKEditor support team was always there for us…we would rate the support as outstanding.


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