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How Agreemint uses CKEditor to make digital contracts with no development

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Legal technology


San Francisco, USA

Peter Graham

The Comments and Track Changes features are a must. We can’t have Agreemint without them.

Peter Graham

CEO and Founder, Agreemint


Minimal custom development work

Less support tickets

Familiar WYSIWYG interface

Leading-edge collaborative editing

Smooth integration of new features

Professional, efficient support and documentation

The challenge

Creating a GDocs-style platform for writing, negotiating and signing contracts

Agreemint is a legal tech startup aiming to demystify the complex process of contract negotiations. Both sides send amendments to each other, with explanatory email or hard copy notes on changes and addendums. This long standing old-school process is time-consuming, confusing, and prone to errors.

“We recognized through experience and close collaboration with the sales and legal operations communities, there was no viable product that solves all these issues today. So we rolled up our sleeves and built it,” says Peter Graham, Agreemint founder and CEO.

Agreemint’s goal was to make drafting a contract as simple and collaborative as drafting a Google Doc. But finding a WYSIWYG editor that could deliver what they needed wasn’t easy.

Agreemint needed a rich text editor with:

  • A robust, secure cloud-based architecture
  • Purpose-built collaboration features
  • A GDocs-style editing experience
  • Simultaneous editing capabilities
We want to be full-featured, responsive, and mature. CKEditor really helps us with this.

The solution

A modern, cloud-based, collaborative rich text editor

After testing the features on offer, Agreemint decided to integrate CKEditor 5 into their platform. The Comments plugin allows people to attach explanations or key information to specific parts of the contract, so important details aren’t lost. Meanwhile, the Track Changes plugin lets both sides edit clauses directly in the document, so there’s no lengthy email chains full of conflicting contract versions.

Best of all, CKEditor’s straightforward word processor interface and simultaneous editing functionality allow everyone to work on the contract in one place, saving time and making the whole process smoother.

What we provided

WYSIWYG editor purpose-built for collaboration

Comments plugin (Premium)

Track Changes plugin (Premium)

Commercial license

The result

No custom development work and fewer support tickets

Peter’s delighted with CKEditor’s feature set. “The Comments and Track Changes features are a must. We can’t have Agreemint without them…We’d have to build it otherwise,” he says. Beyond saving the company lengthy custom development time, integrating CKEditor 5 gives Agreemint a smooth path for adding new features in the future. “The plugin and command system made it easier to add functionalities,” says Peter.

He’s also quick to praise the CKEditor support team. When the Agreemint team needed to contact support, they quickly got the results they needed. “We didn’t want to wait days for a response. We wanted to hear back right away,” says Peter. That, plus CKEditor’s thorough documentation, means client support tickets have become a rarity.

Peter cites our customer-focused implementation process, mature feature set, and customizability as the major reasons he readily recommends CKEditor to others.

Note: Agreemint was purchased by ISG on March 30, 2022.

The Comments and Track Changes features are a must. We can’t have Agreemint without them… We’d have to build it otherwise.


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