How Plutio built an all-in-one project management solution with CKEditor

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London, UK (Global)

Leo Bassam

CKEditor allows us to customize Plutio to work for our users.

Leo Bassam

Founder, Plutio


Saved months of custom development

Intuitive editing interface

Faster launch lead time

Customizable WYSIWYG to suit multiple use-cases

Scalable platform

Smooth integration of new features

The challenge

Creating a unified management platform for small businesses

Leo Bassam was inspired to build Plutio while working as a freelancer. He realized he was using different apps for all his administrative work: invoicing, time tracking, writing proposals, task management and more. The time Leo spent moving information from one app to another was time that could be better spent getting actual work done.

Leo knew that efficient data entry would be the key to creating an all-in-one project management solution. Writing new project entries or filling out invoices had to be as smooth and simple as possible.

To achieve this, Plutio needed a rich text editor with:

  • A familiar, easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable look and feel
  • Full control over integration
CKEditor offers us exactly what we need.

The solution

A versatile, adaptable rich text editor

After comparing different options, it was clear CKEditor 5 was the best fit for Plutio. “CKEditor offers us exactly what we need,” says Leo. In particular, Leo was impressed with CKEditor’s To Do List feature, for making checklists, and the ability to insert placeholder text that gets replaced with variables like the current date or a client name.

CKEditor’s familiar, word processor-style interface is a perfect match for Plutio, making it easy for users to add text and images. Plutio also opted to customize the CKEditor toolbar, to make things smoother.

“CKEditor allows us to customize Plutio to work for our users,” Leo says. “We believe it’s best to show our users features only when they need them." As a result, formatting options and other features are context-dependent, so toolbar buttons only appear when needed.

What we provided

Customizable WYSIWYG editor with an intuitive interface

Image Upload


To Do Lists

Commercial License

The result

Months of custom development work saved

Plutio has integrated CKEditor 5 throughout its platform, from the document editor to the task tracker. Even Plutio’s built-in messaging feature is powered by CKEditor.

By using an existing rich text editor instead of building his own, Leo and the team were able to bring the first version of Plutio to market much faster. Best of all, Plutio’s developers have more time to focus on building out the platform’s key features as the platform expands.

Plutio is constantly adding new integrations and functionality in order to become an all-in-one project management solution. CKEditor’s flexibility means Leo and the team know they can count on their rich text editor to handle any new challenges as the platform scales up.

CKEditor allows us to customize Plutio to work for our users.


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