How CKEditor helped Leadoo get its conversion platform to market faster

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Sales technology


Helsinki, Finland

Jani Laakso

CKEditor helped us get started quicker, without having to handle all the edge cases ourselves.

Jani Laakso

CTO, Leadoo


Saved months of custom development

Significantly lower production costs

New self-service option for users

Easy-to-learn, familiar WYSIWYG editor

Faster launch lead time

No need to deal with edge cases

The challenge

Creating a scalable lead conversion platform

Leadoo provides conversion tools for website sales enablement, including analytics, forms, chatbots, email automation and more. The company began with an agency model, creating and integrating everything by hand for their clients.

As Leadoo grew, the team looked to make their technology more scalable. The company was using basic open source rich text editors in its platform, which had a limited feature set, meaning the Leadoo development team had to spend time building and maintaining the editor features they needed. Leadoo wanted to allow clients to customize their own emails and chatbots, so the team began looking for a more user-friendly solution.

To make a scalable platform, Leadoo needed a rich text editor with:

  • A familiar, intuitive interface
  • Full control over integration
  • A wide range of customizable features
  • A stable code base, backed by a professional team
CKEditor is very user-friendly. It feels like you’re using something you’re familiar with from the start. And because we were able to use it faster, the time to market was shorter.

The solution

Integrating a customizable, intuitive rich text editor

Leadoo’s developers quickly realized that CKEditor 5 was best-placed to help scale their platform up. Jani Laakso, Leadoo’s CTO, says adding CKEditor into Leadoo was simple: “With CKEditor 5, integration was quick.”

What especially appealed to the Leadoo team was that they would no longer have to code their own custom features. “If we used something simpler, we would have to extend it quite a lot. But with CKEditor 5 it wasn’t necessary,” says Jani.

Thanks to CKEditor, Leadoo was able to get its new, scalable lead conversion platform ready to launch in no time. “CKEditor helped us get started quicker, and get a proper, easy-to-use editor much faster, without having to handle all the edge cases ourselves,” Jani says.

What we provided

Stable, scalable WYSIWYG editor with an intuitive interface

Image Upload

HTML Embed

Media Embed

Commercial License

The result

A faster product launch and happy customers

“CKEditor is very user-friendly. It feels like you’re using something you’re familiar with from the start,” says Jani. “And because we were able to use it faster, the time to market was shorter.”

Integrating CKEditor not only saved Leadoo’s engineers months of custom development work on their platform, it also made it much easier for Leadoo’s users to create and style their own emails and chatbots. CKEditor’s familiar, word processor-style WYSIWYG interface is easy to learn, meaning Leadoo no longer relies on building new bots for clients from scratch.

As a result, Leadoo’s developers and users are very satisfied with the switch to CKEditor. Jani says the Leadoo team readily recommends CKEditor to other cloud-based SaaS companies. CKEditor is such an integral part of their platform that the team can’t imagine Leadoo without CKEditor. “Overall, it’s a wonderful tool,” says Jani.

Using CKEditor was time-saving and risk-saving for us. Overall, it’s a wonderful tool.


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