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How CKEditor helped Leadoo save time and limit the risk of launching a new product


CKEditor 5


  • Time saved
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  • Boosted productivity
  • Improved workflow
  • Increased user satisfaction

Leadoo is a conversion platform that helps companies from all over the world convert visitors more effectively. The greatest value of Leadoo is lead conversion offered to its business clients, and the bottom line - an increase in the number of leads, customers, and sales they observe.

What differentiates Leadoo from hundreds of other lead conversion solutions is a unique service. Customers don’t just get tools to use in their endeavors and have to do everything on their own. Leadoo actually creates everything for its clients by hand. This includes building the bots and embedding them to the client’s side, as well as helping customers understand the data gathered from various sources. It’s delicate and intricate how bots work, so in-depth knowledge of this area is vital.

With its conversion tool, Leadoo makes it possible to see from which companies people visit a client’s website, what industries they represent, what their revenues and sizes are, how their customer journey looked like, and where they first came from before eventually buying the product.

Challenge: finding a versatile editor and relieving Leadoo’s developers

Such a cutting-edge tool requires strong components to run smoothly, and one of them proved to be CKEditor 5. Leadoo started empowering its solution with CKEditor 5 about 1.5-2 years ago, when in the process of evolving from simply building and selling bots to a full-blown lead conversion platform.

It all started with one of Leadoo’s developers. When asked to find a good editor to fit the company’s needs and purpose, he pointed out CKEditor 5 as the best option, and that’s what Leadoo ended up with. The company decided to stick to it because it was very fast and easy to get started with.

Before the times of CKEditor 5, Leadoo hadn’t used anything specific for such purposes - just different kinds of standard developer tools that are open-source. And the problem with those solutions was that they were very basic in their functionality, so Leadoo’s developers had to extend them quite a lot. Luckily, CKEditor 5 had most of the things they cared about already in place, so they didn’t have to work on developing an editor themselves or request too many features.

The reason why Leadoo decided to outsource the whole thing to CKSource was that they wanted to save money and not take the risk of developing a similar solution on their own. Also, they felt that CKEditor 5 is good enough - both quality-wise and feature-wise - for their needs, and this made them choose this component. They had their own developers to create an editor, but they wanted them to focus on other tasks at the time.

Solution: switching to CKEditor 5 and launching the end product much faster

As of now, Leadoo uses CKEditor 5 in the email creator, and in the bot text editor, e.g. letting customers construct simplified emails on their email marketing campaigns. The willingness to have a nice WYSIWYG editor to enhance their visual tool called a Campaign Creator was actually the main reason why Leadoo incorporated CKEditor 5 within the platform.

This tool enables Leadoo customers to create personalized emails that don’t look like templates which is a serious advantage, especially marketing-wise. And thanks to CKEditor 5, such emails can have elements like images being added to the text and, still, look good and very natural.

Also, thanks to CKEditor 5, Leadoo users can create bots. They can style them in a very nice way - by using emojis and similar things that enhance the whole message to end-users. Bots that the Leadoo tool currently makes available to users are chatbots, in-page bots, visual bots, and call-to-action bots.

CKEditor has helped us get started quicker, and get a proper, easy-to-use editor much faster, without having to handle all edge cases ourselves.

And he has even more remarks on how CKEditor 5 made Leadoo better. “I think it’s very user-friendly. It feels like you’re using something you’re familiar with from the start. And because we were able to use it faster, the time to market was shorter. With CKEditor 5, integration was quick, and if we used something simpler, we would have to extend it quite a lot. But with CKEditor 5 it wasn’t necessary”, he adds.

At Leadoo, numerous notes are created within bots; sometimes the bots have hundreds of notes and they may be very complicated to build. What may be used within them are HTML and any custom code, iframes, and videos - and everything is kept user-friendly.

Since bots are no longer just text-pasted questions and answers - they may contain layouts and more complex widgets - the advanced content creation possibilities that CKEditor provides turned out to be very useful. “Leadoo’s CS creates very beautiful bots using this editor”, Christian da Costa emphasizes.

Result: satisfying users and making a true business impact

With hundreds of marketing platforms out there, it may be hard to stand out and attract potential users. But Leadoo puts high quality first and does all its best to develop its platform, having put in as many as 30 man-years worth of development in creating and improving it. And CKEditor 5 helps Leadoo to tip the scales on superb content creation possibilities.

Leadoo praises CKEditor 5 for its nice, comprehensive UX and that the company got many useful functionalities instantly. They are also happy that they didn’t have to do something quickly on their own, but let CKSource polish all the details instead. Leadoo platform has a very modern environment, making use of all the latest tools and resources a developer could wish for, with no legacy stuff. And making use of CKEditor 5 is just the final piece of the puzzle.

All in all, the quick decision to choose CKEditor 5 was something Leadoo team members have never regretted. Moreover, they would recommend this WYSIWYG editing solution to other SaaS companies.

CKEditor 5 is one of the components within the Leadoo platform that enable its end-users to have seamless, smooth, trouble-free work. The editor is stable and efficient, that’s why they simply don’t complain when using it. What’s more, CKEditor 5 is now such an integral part of the Leadoo solution that it’s hard to even see it as a different package for the company’s developers.

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