How CKEditor helped DTU eliminate meetings and switch to asynchronous work.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Chanette Locki Plesner

CKEditor helped us make our content creation workflow more collaborative and efficient.

Chanette Locki Plesner

Project Manager, DTU


0 meetings

needed to collaborate on content

1 location

for writing and editing


WYSIWYG for asynchronous collaboration

More efficient content creation

Professional support and documentation

MS Word-style editor

The challenge

Find a comprehensive solution for collaborative content creation

DTU, or Technical University of Denmark, is a world-renowned higher education institution that’s recognized worldwide for its innovation and research. Internally, the university administration office helps to manage key processes for DTU’s 23 different departments and centers.

Unfortunately, the university’s internal content management system (CMS) lacked basic writing and editing features like spell checking, and more advanced collaboration tools such as track changes and comments. Therefore, most people wrote in MS Word and emailed drafts for feedback – causing confusion and inefficiency.

When DTU began working with a new Sharepoint-based CMS, project manager Chanette Locki Plesner knew it was time to bring in a more modern, familiar WYSIWYG editor. The team went looking for a convenient, efficient solution where people could work directly in the CMS. “When we saw the CKEditor project, we thought that this is what we're looking for, let’s try it,” she recalls.

DTU needed a rich text editor with:

  • Purpose-built features for asynchronous collaboration
  • A familiar MS Word-style experience
  • Comments, track changes, and spell checker
  • Full control over integration
The features our users desired most were tracking changes and spell checking. We got them both with CKEditor 5.

The solution

A modern rich text editor built for collaboration

After thorough research, DTU integrated CKEditor 5 into their CMS. CKEditor’s modern features and interface made it easier for people familiar with MS Word to switch to writing inside the CMS. Classic word processor features like spell check, word count, and formatting are now a standard part of DTU’s content creation workflow.

Large projects, like the university’s annual report, require coordination across numerous departments. With the Comments and Track Changes plugins, people easily add feedback to draft reports without leaving the CMS. This turns the CMS into a one-stop-shop for writing, editing, and reading the university’s key internal documents.

What we provided

WYSIWYG editor designed for asynchronous collaboration

Comments plugin (Premium)

Track Changes plugin (Premium)

Spell and Grammar Check

Commercial license

The result

More efficient collaboration without any meetings

Chanette says integrating CKEditor 5 brought big improvements to the user experience of DTU’s CMS. “When users had the chance to use spell and grammar check, Track Changes, and Comments, it made their life easier,” she says. With all the content creation features people need, documents are now written directly in the CMS, with no duplication of work.

The efficiency improvements don’t stop there. The asynchronous collaboration features like Comments and Track Changes eliminated lengthy cross-department coordination meetings. Instead of meeting to give feedback, comments and revisions are left on the document itself. Discussions happen in the CMS, so nothing is missed.

Chanette is also quick to compliment CKEditor’s support team for their prompt and professional service. Without question, DTU says it would recommend CKEditor to any educational institution looking to level up their writing and editing process.

The few times that we ever contacted the CKEditor support team, it’s been a positive experience for us. The answers were very quick and the service very nice overall.


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