How Spotlight used CKEditor to optimize collaborative content creation

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Kansas City, USA

Rick Nash

We can now run our business bigger, faster and better.

Rick Nash

Managing Partner, Spotlight


More efficient content creation

New revenue stream

No more duplication of work

Intuitive WYSIWYG for real-time collaboration

Modern collaboration platform

Minimal custom development time

The challenge

Collaborating on content across multiple tools

Spotlight is an analyst relations firm focused on the technology industry. Digital agencies and tech companies come to Spotlight to get insights and recommendations from expert industry analysts.

According to managing partner Rick Nash, as Spotlight’s business grew, the team encountered a major problem: Spotlight didn’t have a single source for their key content. Important information and client notes were spread across many different tools, including Excel, Asana, MS Word and Evernote. Copy-pasting from one place to another to keep things up-to-date was cumbersome and information was likely to get lost in the shuffle.

“We needed to build our own tool with a strong editor inside to capture everything we did with our teams. Also, we wanted to provide better transparency to our clients so that they could really see our work,” says Rick.

Spotlight needed a rich text editor that was:

  • Purpose-built for collaboration
  • Stable and suitable for modern tech stacks
  • Modular and infinitely customizable
  • Intuitive and easy for writers to use
Real-time collaboration is the key differentiator for CKEditor 5 against its competitors.

The solution

A custom writing platform powered by a collaborative rich text editor

After extensive research on the rich text editors available, Spotlight concluded that CKEditor 5 was the modern, collaboration-focused tool they needed. The native integration with Angular, not to mention the extensive support documentation, made implementing CKEditor 5 much easier and smoother.

The main drawcard for Spotlight was CKEditor 5’s unparalleled collaboration features. Using the Real-time Collaboration plugin allowed Spotlight’s team and their users to add client notes and information to the same document simultaneously, ensuring nothing gets lost. “Collaboration is built into our application and we don’t need to use any other external tools, like Google Docs,” says Rick.

The intuitive word processor interface also makes CKEditor an easy tool for Spotlight’s analysts to learn. Plus, the team can quickly export reports as MS Word documents for clients to read.

What we provided

A WYSIWYG editor designed for real-time collaboration

Real-time Collaboration plugin (Commercial)

Export to Word plugin (Commercial)

Commercial License

The result

Faster content creation and new business opportunities

Driven by CKEditor 5, Spotlight’s new content creation tool has made collaboration smoother and increased productivity. Rick says the team regularly relies on real-time collaboration to get the job done: “Let’s say the team is on an important phone call together. We all collectively type notes in one document at the same time. Or when we strategize with our clients. It saves time and makes our work more efficient.”

Not only has CKEditor allowed Spotlight to get more work done and win more clients, it has also opened up a whole new revenue stream. “Currently we use the tool internally and with our clients," says Rick. “But there are other experts out there who need it as well. We’re now in the process of taking what we’ve built and selling it as SaaS to other analyst relations professionals.”

With CKEditor so well integrated into their workflow, Spotlight is “excited about the future of the editor” and the team is looking forward to finding new ways CKEditor can empower their business.

We can now run our business bigger, faster and better. We are also excited about the future of the editor and using more of it to power our platform.


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