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Software development


Berlin, Germany (Global)

Dennis Gurock

No other rich text editor we tested provided the same editing capabilities, performance, ease of integration, and customizations.

Dennis Gurock

Co-Founder, Testmo


More efficient editing experience

Saved months of custom development

New revenue stream

Customizable WYSIWYG to suit existing UI

Smooth integration of new features

Increased productivity

The challenge

Creating a single unified platform for software testing

Software testing typically uses different platforms for bug tracking, automation, and continuous integration pipelines, meaning key information is spread across multiple services – and testing is harder to manage. Testmo is designed to make it easy for software development and quality assurance teams to keep track of all their software tests in one central platform.

According to co-founder Dennis Gurock, the Testmo team always knew that the ability to quickly add testing notes – including images, tables and code blocks – was crucial to the success of their new platform.

Testmo needed a rich text editor with:

  • An extensive feature set
  • Intuitive writing and editing interface
  • Full control over integration
  • Customizable look and feel
Using CKEditor in Testmo is a big competitive advantage for us, as we can provide rich text editing capabilities such as table support in a way no other tool offers.

The solution

A customizable, leading-edge rich text editor

After researching existing rich text editors, Testmo opted for CKEditor 5 as their application’s WYSIWYG editor. The familiar word processor-style interface, and the wide range of features, helped CKEditor stand out from the pack.

Best of all, the Testmo team had full control over the CKEditor UI. That meant they were able to customize the editor to suit Testmo’s interface and branding, while the modular architecture allowed the Testmo team to add Markdown support by installing a plugin.

“No other rich text editor we tested provided the same combination of editing capabilities, performance, ease of integration and customizations,” says Dennis.

What we provided

Customizable WYSIWYG editor with an intuitive interface


Image Upload

Code Block


Commercial License

The result

More productive users and less custom development work

Testmo’s decision to integrate CKEditor, rather than build and maintain their own custom WYSIWYG, saved the team months of development work. Dennis says this freed up their developers to focus on building Testmo’s core application features instead.

Testmo users are also reaping the benefits – they now spend less time hunting for test logs across different apps, and don’t have to type out plain text notes that are missing important context. “Integrating CKEditor 5 into Testmo benefits all of our customers, small and large, to be more productive,” says Dennis.

Plus, the advanced text editing features that CKEditor brings to Testmo are helping the company attract interest from larger organizations. “With CKEditor 5 integrated into Testmo, we are now also able to work with larger customers and bigger teams that are used to rich text editing integrations of other enterprise tools they use,” Dennis says.

Integrating CKEditor 5 into Testmo benefits all of our customers, small and large, to be more productive.


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