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How CKEditor 5 helps software testers be more productive with Testmo


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These days, customers demand more robust and better products as users’ expectations for high-quality software increase. Software bugs, usability issues, and poor performance can quickly become very costly for companies as more and more users demand from their apps and websites to work flawlessly at all times.

The team at Testmo is building a leading unified test management platform to help other software teams meet (and exceed) these expectations. Testmo enables software development and quality assurance teams to manage all their software tests in one central platform, including test cases, exploratory testing, and test automation.

The expectations are high but there are good reasons for that. The company has invested a lot of time to build a full, extensive and advanced, enterprise solution that combines three activities - manual, automated, and exploratory testing - integrated within one application. Testmo leaders are aware that their product needs to stand out among many competitors to succeed. And they do everything they can to make it happen, with enhancing their solution with CKEditor 5 topping the list.

Challenge: Fully integrated rich-text editing for software testers

The team at Testmo was looking for a solution to integrate rich-text editing to make it easy for software testers to document test cases, record test results, and add session notes inside the application. Testmo developers were aware that they needed to have a rich-text editor integrated with their application, and not just a basic text editor.

The team had multiple goals for the rich-text implementation. First, the solution needed to provide extensive editing capabilities to support advanced features such as full table support, code editing, advanced styling, and extensive image support.

The solution also needed to be future-proof and use a robust model with an easy-to-understand implementation, so that Testmo developers could quickly integrate the solution and use the code for many years to come. Lastly, one of Testmo’s selling points is its user-friendly and fast UI that allows testers to quickly start using it and be productive. The selected rich-text solution needed to be easy to integrate with a custom UI to match the rest of the application.

Solution: Frictionless rich-text editor with custom integration

After reviewing many options, the Testmo team selected CKEditor 5 as their rich-text solution and implemented it in all areas of the application. The resulting user experience makes it easy for software teams to track their software tests and test results with full rich-text capabilities.

"No other rich-text editor we tested provided the same combination of editing capabilities, performance, ease of integration and customizations." Dennis Gurock, Testmo Co-Founder, told us.

Using CKEditor in Testmo is a big competitive advantage for us, as we can provide rich editing capabilities such as table support in a way no other tool offers.

At the same time, the Testmo team implemented CKEditor 5 with a custom UI, so it looks and behaves exactly the same as the rest of the application. Enabling advanced features such as auto formatting only took a few lines of code. Power users simply expect such features as they are used to this from other large enterprise apps. And these ready-to-use CKEditor 5 features saved the Testmo team months of custom development time, allowing them to focus on other core application features instead.

Result: Modern software testing with unique UI

Testmo is launching as the first unified test management tool that comes with full native test case management, exploratory testing, and test automation support. Thanks to CKEditor 5 it makes documenting test cases, entering test results, and adding to session logs as easy-to-use and as powerful as within desktop applications.

"With CKEditor 5 integrated into Testmo, we are now also able to work with larger customers and bigger teams that are used to rich-text editing integrations of other enterprise tools they use. This benefits all of our customers, small and large, to be more productive," Dennis Gurock added.

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