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Citibank Case Study


  • Product: CKEditor Premium / SLA & Assistance Package
  • Environment: Internal HTML Article Management System
  • Environment languages: PHP, HTML, Java
  • Development time: 5 days
  • Expectations: Client was looking for quality support on a commercial level, something they feared they wouldn't find in an Open Source project. They also needed support for IE8 and above on Windows 7 64 bit.
  • Results: Very happy with professional support. Delivered IE8 and above compatibility.

This case study elaborates why Citibank chose CKEditor as its WYSIWYG application of choice for their internal HTML document handling application, and how they used CKSource’s OEM license with SLA and Assistance Package services to speed up and fine tune the rich text editor’s implementation.

Lead Project Manager at Citibank, Muzafal Qadir, specifically chose CKEditor due to its longstanding and positive reputation, which the company had used in previous projects back when the application was still known as FCKeditor.

CKEditor’s reputable maturity, configurability and compatibility with all major browsers was one of the main reasons it was chosen over competitors. In Citibank’s case, as Mr. Qadir pointed out, they needed “an editor with excellent IE8 and above support for Windows 7 64 bit.”

More importantly, however, Citibank needed quality support on a commercially approved level, something that according Mr. Qadir “was hard to come by among other Open Source projects.”

Citibank chose CKSource’s Assistance Package and SLA (Service Level Agreement) solutions because of how extremely important support is for the company’s production departments. During the contract negotiation process they were guaranteed that CKSource support quality would meet their expectations, something other Open Source-based editors couldn’t provide.

“We were a bit worried at first, because we had no way to see if we would receive the level of support we required. We needed extremely fast response times with the right kind of support to keep the project on track. I have to admit, I was astounded by the quality of support”, admitted Mr. Qadir.

“What was surprising was the ability of CKSource technicians to understand our explanations without having direct access to our internal system. They basically had to visualize what we were using via emails and phone descriptions. But they still managed to quickly understand our needs, and they offered us exactly what we needed,” Mr. Qadir explained.

Thanks to CKSource solutions, Citibank received fast, reliable solutions and guidance on how to best incorporate CKEditor in their internal application. As a result, their project stayed well on track.

When asked if he would recommend CKSource’s Assistance Package and SLA to any company needing quality support with custom development, Mr. Qadir resoundingly admitted that he would “definitely” recommend it. “You’d be crazy not to. The amount of time you will save in research and development will pay itself off in the long run. Definitely,” he concluded.

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