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AKIOMA Case Study

The Challenge

AKIOMA offers a software solution for quick and easy creation of complex offers by means of "drag and drop". It offers a tool that enables business users to quickly create high quality offers with images and formatted text. When developing their solution, they were looking for a rich text editor to create and edit product definitions and text modules with formatted text. This fully browser-based application needed a web-based text editor with rich formatting capabilities and other features users usually expect when working with Microsoft Word.

We have tried several other solutions, but in the end we were not satisfied at all. We have been searching for a tool that offers all requested functionalities and which is highly customizable. Then we found CKSource with their product - CKEditor. We have discovered very quickly, that CKEditor is the perfect tool for us.

Mike Liewehr, Managing Director at AKIOMA Software KG

The Solution

CKEditor in AKIOMA

In order to make work easier for their clients AKIOMA have added pre-defined HTML templates with tables to CKEditor. Some table cells included images, but after creating the final Word document the image size was not displayed correctly, because Microsoft Word needs width and height attributes within the image tag instead of style definitions. Within just two days the experts at CKSource had developed a solution for AKIOMA - now images automatically resize to the parental cell width and the respective width and height attributes are written into the image tag.

Thanks to CKEditor we are able to offer a highly efficient application that enables business users to quickly and easily create high quality documents.

Mike Liewehr, Managing Director at AKIOMA Software KG

The Results

AKIOMA customers, thanks to using CKEditor, can quickly and easily create and edit formatted text for product definitions and text modules. AKIOMA´s slogan is "simplifying complexity" and that is exactly what CKEditor allows them to do – to create complex offers or other documents within a fraction of the time needed when using other solutions.

Without this editor our offer management would not be as efficient as it is today. CKEditor is an essential tool within our application. We can highly recommend CKSource and their CKEditor product and we are convinced that this is the best web-based text editor solution existing. In addition to that, we were able to rely on a quick and qualified support provided by the experts at CKSource.

Mike Liewehr, Managing Director at AKIOMA Software KG

Technical recap

  • Product: CKEditor Premium, Custom development
  • Environment: AKIOMA.Offer! (offer management for quick and easy creation of complex offers) Text Editor and Word Processor
  • Environment languages: JavaScript / Progress OpenEdge
  • Development time: few weeks

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