Media Embed Base

This plugin is a base of the Media Embed and Semantic Media Embed plugins. It exposes a set of tools under the CKEDITOR.plugins.embedBase namespace which can be used to create new media embed widgets.

Read more in the Embedding Media Resources guide.


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This is an official plugin provided and supported by CKEditor developers.

You can submit bug reports directly to its GitHub issues tracker and discuss any integration issues on StackOverflow.


Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.16 4.15 4.14

Version: 4.16.0

DownloadRelease notes

The first major release of CKEditor 4.16.0

Version: 4.15.1

DownloadRelease notes

The first minor release of CKEditor 4.15.1

Version: 4.14.1

DownloadRelease notes

The first minor release of CKEditor 4.14.1

MJ Buttons

Add buttons to your write-ups without editing the source code!

  • Available in 66 languages
  • 8 color variations
  • 3 available sizes
  • Works on inputs and buttons
  • No images required
  • NEW - Select from 9 Font Families and optional font size

For Bootstrap users, see: Bootstrap Buttons
For Foundation users, see: Foundation Buttons



It requires the following plugins to work: Widget and Line Utilities.


NOTE: You can send your suggestions, comments, concerns, or inquiries through or by filling up the contact form of my website. I'm having trouble using Disqus lol.


HTML 5 Validation

The HTML5Validation plugin for CKEditor extends the core Forms plugin adding a Form Validation tab onto several elements. This allows you to add HTML5 Form Validation attributes onto your forms inside of CKEditor.

Features Overview
  • Adds Form Validation tab to textfield, textarea, radio, checkbox, and select form dialogs. The Form Validation tab allows you to set the HTML5 Required & Pattern attributes
  • Adds Form Validation tab to form dialog. This allows you to add a novalidate HTML5 attribute to the form tag to disable HTML5 form validation
  1. CKEditor version 4.4.7 or greater
  2. The Forms plugin for CKEditor (normally installed by default)
Installation Instructions
  1. Extract the downloaded repository
  2. Copy the html5validation folder to your "ckeditor/plugins/" folder
  3. Open the "ckeditor/config.js" file in your favorite text editor
  4. Add html5validation to config.extraPlugins and save your changes. If that line isn't found, add it. EX:

config.extraPlugins = 'html5validation';

Credits / Tribute

This plugin was developed and is maintained by the

A big thanks goes out to the following people & organizations: - for supporting the development of the plugin. - For providing CKEditor so we could build this plugin for it. Piotrek Reinmar Koszuliński - A developer on the CKEditor team who pointed us in the right direction with a bug we encountered during development.


Licensed under GPL Version 3.0. For additional details please see the file.



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Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.16 4.15 4.14


DownloadRelease notes

Added German translation (special thanks to Stefan Berger)

CKEditor Fast Image Uploader

Try simple images upload plugin for CKEditor!

Any of choosed image will be uploaded to your PHP server and automatically inserted into the document.

  • Very simple to use CKEditor image uploader.
  • Does not require any libraries or other components.
  • Its size is only ~2Kb.
  • Very simple installation.


Images From Server

Whenever your users copy some content from another website or they add an image hosted in another server, you rely on that server to keep those images, but with the Images From Server plugin that isn't a problem anymore.

Any external image is copied to your server, and this way you can edit those images (crop, resize, ....) , embed them into your mails, you can use a CDN to distribute them properly, etc...

You can test our demo, and you'll see in the included log how new images are automatically detected and then the server takes care of copying them and replace the src of the images, without any action required from the user.

The plugin is composed of two parts: the CKEditor plugin and the server component that takes care of saving the images into your server. The comunication between them is a simple POST message with a JSON response so it's possible to use any kind of server as long as it's able to retrieve the external files.

In the zip we provide an implementation for several backends: a simple C# Asp.Net page, a generic handler ashx that uses an Azure storage as well as a PHP script so you can use the one that fits your environment. You can adjust those scripts as you desire to make them work correctly in your CMS and you can also rewrite everything from scratch if you have a very different environment.



Convert 2 PDF

Convert ckeditor text to a PDF in one click.

When you click the convert2PDF button the text is automatically converted to a PDF.  Currently there are three outputs setting for the pdf.  You can open the PDF in a new window, the same window, or save the PDF with your desired file name.

No connection to the internet required.  No outside libraries used.  Plugin runs self-contained.


Plugin Version Ckeditor Versions 4.4 4.3 4.2 4.1 Version: 1.0 yes yes yes yes


Image Gallery

Simple uploading and inserting images as a gallery into a CKEditor document. Flexibly configured templates with many variations let you customize your gallery as you want. Moreover, you can resize images and preview them right when you upload images.

If you use Lightbox, Fancybox or any other image viewing script, it will be automatically linked to your galleries.

PHP and ASP.NET server environments are supported.



Save contents of different CKEditor instances on different pages with help of CKEditor Backup Pro plugin.

It will protect you from:

  • Network fails
  • Accidently unsaved and closed document
  • Mistake editions

It stores full history of your editions on your computer (in browser's HTML5 storage) and you can restore it at any time you need.

The saving of contents may be:

  • Manual
  • Automatical: with configurable interval and snapshots limit, plugin understands duplicates and omits them

The plugin will also show you full featured preview when you choose a snapshot to restore.


Alert Messages

Use the Alert Messages plugin to add alerts to your pages. You can add information, warnings and other text messages in one of five color styles:

  • neutral
  • information
  • warning
  • success
  • error

This is similar to the Templates plugin, but for alerts. Just choose an alert box you need and insert your text there.

See YouTube Demo Video:


Leaflet Maps

Leaflet is an open-source, lightweight, modular, and elegantly designed JavaScript map library. And this CKEditor Leaflet Maps plugin is a free and unique integration of Leaflet with CKEditor.

  • Auto-complete searching of coordinates using Google's Geocoding API by just typing the partial name/address of the target place.
  • 10 available map tiles, featuring OpenStreetMap.
  • Map could include a minimap/overview map for better map context.
  • Map could be responsive (100% width).
  • Map could be customized with the specified width and height dimensions.
  • Map could be aligned to the left or right, or be placed at the center of the page.
  • Map zoom level could be changed using the mouse wheel, zoom buttons, or zoom dialog options.
  • Map zoom level could be customized per map and saved.
  • Marker's popup text could be customized.
  • Marker could be dragged and its last position will be saved.
  • Map re-centers the view on-the-fly as the user drags the marker, for better UX .
  • Supports both http and https protocols.
  • Supports English, Russian, and Basque languages/translations.
  • Bundles a stand-alone demo page that fetches the CDN-hosted CKEditor files (including the dependencies and languages). It also includes a handy language switcher for demonstrating the various translations of the plugin.

Moreover, you could create multiple instances of maps within a page with no issues. You could also request for more features, or if you want a map tile from here that is still not included yet. 


Version 1.7 Released (August 13, 2016): Highlights include the support for Google Maps JS API key as per the policy change in Google, the German translation file, the dynamic language/translation switcher in the demo page, etc. Kindly see the full release notes/changelog here. I'll appreciate if other users could contribute some of the localizations needed, check here for more details on how to contribute. :)


Make sure to checkout the cool demo page here. It is comprehensive and showcases the various translations and various map options, including the draggable marker with auto-panning, customizable pop-up text, and responsive behavior (see the bottom map example in the demo).


It only requires the following CKEditor plugins to work: Widget and Line Utilities. You don't need to install/setup the LeafletJS library. As per the Google policy change, since June 22, 2016, the Google Maps JS API now requires access key (which we use for the autocomplate and address geocoding functionalities). The plugin uses a default key, but creating your own Google API key is strongly recommended to prevent the plugin in reaching its daily usage quota (which will ocur when many users will be using the default key simultaneously).


It installs just like the other CKEditor plugins. Kindly refer also to the Installation Guide. I have included in that file a dedicated section for Drupal installation (both for basic and advanced configurations), which is a useful guide for other CKEditor plugins too.


Kindly refer to How to Create and Edit Leaflet Maps.

Note that the Installation Guide and the User Guide files are included in the plugin folder when you download it.

  • IFRAME-less implementation for faster rendering in pages with lots of maps.
  • Render widget only on demand or as the page scrolls for optimal page performance.
  • Integration with Inline/In-Place Editing
  • Option to show the cursor's map coordinates and scale bar.
  • Ability to add map caption/annotation
  • Display the map preview in the Dialog window.
  • Handle multiple markers.
  • Add and delete markers.
  • Has option to add Panoramio layer.
  • R&D other Leaflet plugins that might be useful.

You could contact me for any issues, installation problems, comments, or suggestions. Or you may want to check out my website also. Furthermore, if you find this plugin useful to you, kindly vote/rate this plugin on this page.

PS: The logo that appears in this plugin's page is a property of the open-source and awesome Leaflet library. 



23,683 downloads (view stats)


Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.16 4.15 4.14

Version: 1.7

DownloadRelease notes

Kindly see the full release notes/changelog here. Highlights include the support for Google Maps JS API key as per the policy change in Google, the German translation file, the dynamic language/translation switcher in the demo page, etc.

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