Images From Server

Whenever your users copy some content from another website or they add an image hosted in another server, you rely on that server to keep those images, but with the Images From Server plugin that isn't a problem anymore.

Any external image is copied to your server, and this way you can edit those images (crop, resize, ....) , embed them into your mails, you can use a CDN to distribute them properly, etc...

You can test our demo, and you'll see in the included log how new images are automatically detected and then the server takes care of copying them and replace the src of the images, without any action required from the user.

The plugin is composed of two parts: the CKEditor plugin and the server component that takes care of saving the images into your server. The comunication between them is a simple POST message with a JSON response so it's possible to use any kind of server as long as it's able to retrieve the external files.

In the zip we provide an implementation for several backends: a simple C# Asp.Net page, a generic handler ashx that uses an Azure storage as well as a PHP script so you can use the one that fits your environment. You can adjust those scripts as you desire to make them work correctly in your CMS and you can also rewrite everything from scratch if you have a very different environment.



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