HTML 5 Validation

The HTML5Validation plugin for CKEditor extends the core Forms plugin adding a Form Validation tab onto several elements. This allows you to add HTML5 Form Validation attributes onto your forms inside of CKEditor.

Features Overview
  • Adds Form Validation tab to textfield, textarea, radio, checkbox, and select form dialogs. The Form Validation tab allows you to set the HTML5 Required & Pattern attributes
  • Adds Form Validation tab to form dialog. This allows you to add a novalidate HTML5 attribute to the form tag to disable HTML5 form validation
  1. CKEditor version 4.4.7 or greater
  2. The Forms plugin for CKEditor (normally installed by default)
Installation Instructions
  1. Extract the downloaded repository
  2. Copy the html5validation folder to your "ckeditor/plugins/" folder
  3. Open the "ckeditor/config.js" file in your favorite text editor
  4. Add html5validation to config.extraPlugins and save your changes. If that line isn't found, add it. EX:

config.extraPlugins = 'html5validation';

Credits / Tribute

This plugin was developed and is maintained by the

A big thanks goes out to the following people & organizations: - for supporting the development of the plugin. - For providing CKEditor so we could build this plugin for it. Piotrek Reinmar Koszuliński - A developer on the CKEditor team who pointed us in the right direction with a bug we encountered during development.


Licensed under GPL Version 3.0. For additional details please see the file.



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4.24 4.23 4.22


DownloadRelease notes

Added German translation (special thanks to Stefan Berger)

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