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CKEditor and TinyMCE add-ons, Joomla, Drupal and WordPress extensions, JavaScript widgets.

User's addons

  • N1Theme

    N1Theme skin contains modern UI theme which perfectly works with N1ED add-on fo

  • Translator

    Install this to instantly translate content you edit in CKEditor to 90+ world languages.

    Main features: 

  • Bootstrap 3 Editor

    Create responsive content in CKEditor like a pro thanks to this powerful content editor based on the native Bootstrap Grid-system.

  • N1ED

    N1ED - add-on for CKEditor transforming it into modern page builder with many Widgets, Templates and Mobile support.

  • Bootstrap Widgets

    Bootstrap widgets are very important for content management, but using them in CKEditor is not exactly simple.

  • File Uploader

    File Uploader is a versatile solution to upload files and images to the server and to embed them into the edited area.

  • Edit Tag

    This plugin edits parameters of a selected tag.

  • File Manager

    Meet the Flmngr file manager – an all-inclusive solution for managing your files and images on the website.

  • Bootstrap 4 Editor

    Effortlessly edit Bootstrap 4 content in your CKEditor! Manage columns, rows and containers visually. Instantly toggle visibility of elements.

  • Image Editor

    Simple yet very effective image editor brings in all major image editing capabilities to CKEditor.

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