Important Notes:

The CKEditor testing environment is now publicly available. CKEditor tests can be found in the tests/ directory. Read more about how to set up the environment and execute tests in the CKEditor Testing Environment guide.

Please note that the "tests" folder is not available in release packages, it is available only in the development version of CKEditor available on GitHub.

New Features:

Fixed Issues:

  • #11757: Fixed: Imperfections in the Moono skin. Thanks to danyaPostfactum!
  • #10091: Blockquote should be treated like an object by the styles system. Thanks to dan-james-deeson!
  • #11478: Fixed: Issue with passing jQuery objects to adapter configuration.
  • #10867: Fixed: Issue with setting encoded URI as image link.
  • #11983: Fixed: Clicking a nested widget does not focus it. Additionally, performance of the widget.repository.getByElement() method was improved.
  • #12000: Fixed: Nested widgets should be initialized on editor.setData() and nestedEditable.setData().
  • #12022: Fixed: Outer widget's drag handler is not created at all if it has any nested widgets inside.
  • #11960: [Blink/WebKit] Fixed: The caret should be scrolled into view on Backspace and Delete (covers only the merging blocks case).
  • #11306: [OSX][Blink/WebKit] Fixed: No widget entries in the context menu on widget right-click.
  • #11957: Fixed: Alignment labels in the Enhanced Image dialog window are not translated.
  • #11980: [Blink/WebKit] Fixed: <span> elements created when joining adjacent elements (non-collapsed selection).
  • #12009: [Nested widgets] Integration with the Magic Line plugin.
  • #11387: Fixed: role="radiogroup" should be applied only to radio inputs' container.
  • #7975: [IE8] Fixed: Errors when trying to select an empty table cell.
  • #11947: [Firefox+IE11] Fixed: Shift+Enter in lists produces two line breaks.
  • #11972: Fixed: Feature detection in the element.setText() method should not trigger the layout engine.
  • #7634: Fixed: The Flash Dialog plugin omits the allowFullScreen parameter in the editor data if set to true.
  • #11910: Fixed: Enhanced Image does not take config.baseHref into account when updating image dimensions.
  • #11753: Fixed: Wrong checkDirty() method value after focusing or blurring a widget.
  • #11830: Fixed: Impossible to pass some arguments to CKBuilder when using the /dev/builder/ script.
  • #11945: Fixed: Form Elements plugin should not change a core method.
  • #11384: [IE9+] Fixed: IndexSizeError thrown when pasting into a non-empty selection anchored in one text node.
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