Security Updates:

  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in the Preview plugin reported by Mario Heiderich of Cure53.

An upgrade is highly recommended!

New Features:

  • #12164: Added the "Justify" option to the "Horizontal Alignment" drop-down in the Table Cell Properties dialog window.

Fixed Issues:

  • #12110: Fixed: Editor crash after deleting a table. Thanks to Alin Purcaru!
  • #11897: Fixed: Enter key used in an empty list item creates a new line instead of breaking the list. Thanks to noam-si!
  • #12140: Fixed: Double-clicking linked widgets opens two dialog windows.
  • #12132: Fixed: Image is inserted with width and height styles even when they are not allowed.
  • #9317: [IE] Fixed: config.disableObjectResizing does not work on IE. Note: We were not able to fix this issue on IE11+ because necessary events stopped working. See a last resort workaround and make sure to support our complaint to Microsoft.
  • #9638: Fixed: There should be no information about accessibility help available under the Alt+0 keyboard shortcut if theAccessibility Help plugin is not available.
  • #8117 and #9186: Fixed: In HTML5 <meta> tags should be allowed everywhere, including inside the <body> element.
  • #10422: Fixed: config.fillEmptyBlocks not working properly if a function is specified.
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