Fixed Issues:

  • #12268: Cleanup of UI Color YUI styles. Thanks to CasherWest!
  • #12263: Fixed: Paste from Word filter does not properly normalize semicolons style text. Thanks to Alin Purcaru!
  • #12243: Fixed: Text formatting lost when pasting from Word. Thanks to Alin Purcaru!
  • #111739: Fixed: keypress listeners should not be used in the undo manager. A complete rewrite of keyboard handling in the undo manager was made. Numerous smaller issues were fixed, among others:
  • #10916: Fixed: Magic Line icon in Right-To-Left environments.
  • #11970: [IE] Fixed: CKEditor paste event is not fired when pasting with Shift+Ins.
  • #12111: Fixed: Linked image attributes are not read when opening the image dialog window by doubleclicking.
  • #10030: [IE] Fixed: Prevented "Unspecified Error" thrown in various cases when IE8-9 does not allow access todocument.activeElement.
  • #12273: Fixed: Applying block style in a description list breaks it.
  • #12218: Fixed: Minor syntax issue in CSS files.
  • #12178: [Blink/WebKit] Fixed: Iterator does not return the block if the selection is located at the end of it.
  • #12185: [IE9QM] Fixed: Error thrown when moving the mouse over focused editor's scrollbar.
  • #12215: Fixed: Basepath resolution does not recognize semicolon as a query separator.
  • #12135: Fixed: Remove Format does not work on widgets.
  • #12298: [IE11] Fixed: Clicking below <body> in Compatibility Mode will no longer reset selection to the first line.
  • #12204: Fixed: Editor's voice label is not affected by config.title.
  • #11915: Fixed: With SCAYT enabled, cursor moves to the beginning of the first highlighted, misspelled word after typing or pasting into the editor.
  • SCAYT: Fixed: Error thrown in the console after enabling SCAYT and trying to add a new image.

Other Changes:

  • #12296: Merged benderjs-ckeditor into the main CKEditor repository.
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