Important Notes:

  • Marked the editor.beforePaste event as deprecated.
  • The default class of captioned images has changed to image (was: caption). Please note that once edited in CKEditor 4.4+, all existing images of the caption class (<figure class="caption">) will be filtered out unless theconfig.image2_captionedClass option is set to caption. For backward compatibility (i.e. when upgrading), it is highly recommended to use this setting, which also helps prevent CSS conflicts, etc. This does not apply to new CKEditor integrations.
  • Widgets without defined buttons are no longer registered automatically to the Advanced Content Filter. Before CKEditor 4.4 widgets were registered to the ACF which was an incorrect behavior (#11567). This change should not have any impact on standard scenarios, but if your button does not execute the widget command, you need to set allowedContent andrequiredContent properties for it manually, because the editor will not be able to find them.
  • The Show Borders plugin was added to the Standard installation package in order to ensure that unstyled tables are still visible for the user (#11665).
  • Since CKEditor 4.4 the editor instance should be passed to methods to ensure full compatibility with other features (e.g. applying styles to widgets requires that). We ensured backward compatibility though, so the will work even when the editor instance is not provided.

New Features:

Other changes:

  • #11377: Unified internal representation of empty anchors using the fake objects.
  • #11422: Removed Firefox 3.x, Internet Explorer 6 and Opera 12.x leftovers in code.
  • #5217: Setting data (including switching between modes) creates a new undo snapshot. Besides that:
    • Introduced the editable.status property.
    • Introduced a new forceUpdate option for the editor.lockSnapshot event.
    • Fixed: Selection not being unlocked in inline editor after setting data (#11500).
  • The WebSpellChecker plugin was updated to the latest version.

Fixed Issues:

  • #10190: Fixed: Removing block style with editor.removeStyle() should result in a paragraph and not a div.
  • #11727: Fixed: The editor tries to select a non-editable image which was clicked.
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