New Features:

  • #9661: Added the option to configure anchor tags with JavaScript code in href attribute.

Fixed Issues:

  • #11861: Fixed: [Webkit/Blink] Span elements created while joining adjacent elements. Note: This patch only covers cases when Backspace or Delete is pressed on a collapsed (empty) selection. The remaining case, with a non-empty selection, will be fixed in next release.
  • #10714: Fixed: [iOS] Selection and drop-downs are broken if touch listener is used due to Webkit bug. Thanks to Arty Gus!
  • #11911: Fixed setting the dir attribute for preloaded language in CKEDITOR.lang. Thanks to Akash Mohapatra!
  • #11926: Fixed: Code snippet does not decode HTML entities when loading code from the <code> element.
  • #11223: Fixed: Issue when Protected Source was not working in the title element.
  • #11859: Fixed: Removed Source Dialog plugin from being required in Code Snippet sample.
  • #11754: Fixed: Infinite loop in Google Chrome when content contains not closed attributes.
  • #11848: Fixed: editor.insertElement() throwing an exception in IE when there was no selection in editor.
  • #11801: Fixed: Editor anchors unavailable when linking Enhanced Image widget.
  • #11626: Fixed: Table Resize sets invalid width.
  • #11872: Made element.addClass() chainable symmetrically to element.removeClass().
  • #11813: Fixed: Link lost while pasting captioned image and restoring undo snapshot (Enhanced Image).
  • #11814: Fixed: Link and Unlink entries persistently displayed in Enhanced Image context menu.
  • #11839: Fixed: [IE9] Caret jumps out of editable area when resizing editor in source mode.
  • #11822: Fixed: [Webkit] Editing Anchors by double-click broken in some cases.
  • #11823: Fixed: [IE8] Table Resize throws error over scrollbar.
  • #11788: Fixed: It is not possible to change language back to Not set in Code Snippet dialog.
  • #11788: Fixed: Filter rules are not applied inside elements with contenteditable attribute set to true.
  • #11798: Fixed: Inserting non-editable element inside a table cell breaks the table badly.
  • #11793: Fixed: Drop-down is not "on" when clicking it while editor is blurred.
  • #11850: Fixed: Fake objects with contenteditable set to false are not downcasted properly.
  • #11811: Fixed: Widget's data are not encoded correctly when passed to attribute.
  • #11777: Fixed encoding ampersand in the Mathematical Formulas plugin.
  • #11880: Fixed: [IE8-9] Linked image has a default thick border.

Other changes:

  • #11807: Updated jQuery version used in sample to 1.11.0 and tested CKEditor jQuery adapter with version 1.11.0 and 2.1.0.
  • #9504: Stopped using deprecated attribute.specified in all browsers except IE.
  • #11809: Changed tab size in <pre> to 4 spaces.
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